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Success Is Earned (Not Deserved)

Success Is Earned (Not Deserved)

Success… it is something we all want, but not something everyone achieves. We all enter the world of fitness, running, etc. for various reasons. We all set goals for ourselves whether it is the body composition change (losing body fat and losing weight), overall fitness improvements, performance goals, etc. Let’s use the New Year as a perfect example. When the New Year rolls around, individuals are ready to go; this is their year. They are ready to make the necessary changes and they come out of the gates swinging; full-focus ahead. But, what happens fairly quickly? They soon find themselves in the exact same patterns and lifestyle as before. What happened? Why did their goals fall by the wayside? Typically this occurs from the 2 E’s…Effort (or lack thereof) and Excuses. Let’s examine the 2 E’s and see how we can turn this around and create success.


I do not have time!

As we all have seen (and heard), this is one of the most commonly used excuses for not working out. If our goals are truly important to us, we will find the time and make the time. Much of this is about how we choose to use our time. Is it not interesting that the individuals using the ”I do not have time” excuse are the ones that are not successful in reaching their fitness and body composition goals? And then, on the flipside, those that are successful in reaching their fitness and body composition goals have never used the “I do not have time” excuse; Think about that. And keep in mind, ‘I can’t’ is not an option. You have 2 choices, ‘I choose to’ or ‘I choose not to.’


Many times, there is a misconception in terms of how much time one must spend working out in order to get results. All too often, individuals feel that if they cannot work out for one hour, it is not worth it; hence, ‘they do not have the time.’ Let’s first change that mindset.” For example, a 30-minute focused-workout is a great workout. If you have walked on to the ”I do not have time” excuse-treadmill, today is the day you jump off that excuse-treadmill. You do have time; choose to use your time wisely and bring a ”I’ll do whatever it takes” mentality to the table and this will help to keep you stay on task with your workouts.


5 of 7-that’s good enough, right? I deserve it, right?

Many individuals strive to change their body composition. They are looking to get healthier, lighter and leaner. During their workweek, Monday through Friday, they are quite focused on their nutrition and are doing quite well; so well, that they give themselves a nice pat on the back. Their mindset tells them that since they have eaten well five days during the week, they can be ”more lax” with their nutrition on the weekend (some not-so-good-for-you foods, a few adult beverages, etc.). They feel that they deserve it. And then, as the weeks and months progress, they quickly fine that their body composition is not changing and they wonder why. They are working out regularly and eating well five of seven days each week, what’s going on?


This is where tough love and reality have to come to the forefront. Sure, eating well during the week is great. But, not maintaining this the entire week is like washing your feet with your socks on; you are just not going to get the results. A partial focus on nutrition like this is only going to bring about partial results. You work out hard and I am sure you want a bigger return on your investment of time. So, in order to do so, let’s make nutrition a full-time focus. A bigger and more focused effort on your weekend nutrition will bring about even more significant results


I’ve tried everything and nothing works!

All too often, this becomes another commonly used excuse when an individual does not lose the body fat they desire. The verbiage becomes, ”I’ve tried everything and nothing works!” Okay, more tough love. Really? You’ve tried everything? This is definitely a limiting belief that will cause individuals not to achieve their goals. First off, the reality is that this is simply a belief and there is absolutely zero truth in this statement. Eating right combined with the proper heart rate training combined with the proper strength training combined with the proper sleep works 100% of the time, 100% of the time (if the effort is a full-time effort of course and a no excuse mentality is brought to the party).


We have to change the belief in order to change the result. If you have fallen into this limiting belief, no worries; today is a new day, let’s make a change. It is time for a complete overhaul of your beliefs regarding workouts and nutrition. First off, understand that this is simply a limiting belief that can be changed. And then, start the overhaul.  If you are not strength training, add that in the mix so that you can build lean muscle and increase your metabolism. As mentioned above, if you are not full-focus on your nutrition, let’s make that overhaul as well. Let’s get the mind right, because when the mind is right, the body will follow.


Part-time workouts warrant sub-par results

It is always exciting to watch individuals set such lofty goals for themselves. It is goals like this that drive us. But, all too often, the effort, commitment and dedication to training does not commensurate with the goals that have been set. We cannot expect to put in half-effort and get full-results. It is common to hear statement such as, ”I’m doing the work, but I’m just not getting the results.” Okay, it’s time for more tough love… are you really doing the work? Is it quality work and highly productive? Or, are you confusing, ”going through the motions”, as work?


There is a difference between a workout and an engaged-workout. Just working out may be more like going through the motions. Where an engaged-workout is a very focused and purposeful workout. Those individuals that are full-focused regarding their goals and workouts are spot-on each day and each week with their training. On the flipside, when this type of focus is not present, we tend to go through the motions, miss workouts and use excuses such as, ” I just did not have time.” If you have fallen into this trap, no worries, it can be changed. The first step is to assess the goals we have set and the time commitment we have set aside to achieve these goals. For example, having a goal to run a 2:45 Marathon is great; but, without the right focus, dedication, determination and commitment to succeed, the goal will not become a reality. Complaining about not getting the results when the commitment and dedication is not present is not an option. We have to be honest with ourselves and either readjust our goals or bring a bigger commitment level to the table.


Success is not deserved; rather, it is earned. Those that continue to find success in fitness, body composition, sport, etc., put forth the full-focused effort and never use excuses. Champions (a champion is simply you achieving your goals) are not made giving a part-time effort and making excuses. Flying in the no-excuse zone makes champions and giving a full-time and full-focused effort that will bring about big time results!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year