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Top 10 Ways to keep your fitness goals on track.

Drew Brashier

Top 10 Ways to keep your fitness goals on track.

1. Don't Live and Die by the scale! - The number on the scale can really get you down if its not where you want it to be. Remember, your weight shouldn't be your first priority. What you need to look at is body composition! Your weight does not take into account your body water, muscles, or even your bones!

2. Crunches Don't Make Your Belly Smaller - Core exercises are great for building up strength in your abs and lower back but don't make your belly go away by themselves! The only way to see those abs that you have been working so hard on it to decrease your body fat percentage. Keeping your nutrition in-line and your workouts intense will get you there before you know it!

3. Set Goals! - Set a series of goals for yourself! Setting a series of short term fitness goals will make it easier to reach your long term goals!

4. Bring a Friend - It's always easier to do anything with a friend, especially working out. Having an accountability partner gives you an extra layer of commitment!

5. Find Your Motivation- On days when you would rather sit on the couch and eat of gallon of ice cream rather than going to the gym, take a minute to look at pictures of yourself before you started exercising. Always remember where you came from, it will help to keep pushing you to where you want to be.

6. Listen to Your Body - There is a difference between genuine muscle or joint pain and muscle soreness. Being sore is no reason to not workout! Believe it or not one of the best things to help eliminate soreness is to workout again!

7. Make Time - "I don't have time to workout." Well do you have time to sit in a doctors office all day? Keeping your body in good shape helps to prevent a multitude of health issues.

8. Crank up the Music! - Playing upbeat, loud music before you workout will help get you in the right mindset to workout. Studies have shown that pop music with a good beat is addicting to the brain and releases endorphins.

9. Mix it up - Einstein said it best "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." If you workout the same way every day, you aren't going to get the results you want.

10. Ride the Wave - Some days you are going to feel like a brand new race car and other days like a rusted out bicycle. That's OK! Enjoy the times when you are working hard and it feels easy. On the other days, just keep pushing through, it will be over before you know it!