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Weight Loss Frauds To Stay Away From

In today's world everyone is looking for that quick fix. There are many of us who would love to lose those extra pounds, but we do not want to put in the time or the effort needed to effectively work off those excess pounds. We can find numerous reasons as to why we can not stick to our fitness routine, so we decide that maybe this wonder drug may help us shed some weight. It is a simple way to get rid of fat, right? This is a bad move for us because you can not trust everything you hear advertised on tv. According to the New York Times, the Federal Trade Commission has charged four weight loss companies with fraud. These companies were charged with deceptive marketing and false advertising. They have also agreed to pay $34 million in customer refunds. It is best to avoid these companies and any other companies that try to convince you that they have found an easy way for you to lose weight.


  1. HCG Diet Direct. They claimed there was a hormone from human placenta that could boost your metabolism to aide you in losing weight. They stated that their product would reset your metabolism and reduce your appetite to help you lose a pound a day.They even had some doctors recommending and  selling it to unsuspecting people, and this helped the company scam even more people out of their hard earned money. They looked more legitimate and even medically proven because of these doctors.

  2. Sensa Products. Sensa came up with a product that was in a powder form that you could shake onto your food. They claimed that the chemicals in their product made you feel full sooner, which would result in making you eat less and therefore, cause you to lose weight. They claimed their product was clinically proven to help you lose thirty pounds without having to diet or go to the gym.

  3. LeanSpa. LeanSpa used fake news websites in order to promote acai berry and colon cleanse products. They claimed their product would boost your metabolism and cleanse  your body of fat and toxic build-up in order to help you lose weight. They also offered you the chance to try it for free, but this only tricked a number of unsuspecting people into on-going billing. Their scheme resulted in the largest natural food products fraud ever.

  4. L'Occitane. L'Occitane claimed that their skin creams would help you almost instantly melt fat and cellulite. This popular maker of skin creams that operates over 2000 boutiques in more than ninety countries was offering their customers two products that were supposedly clinically proven to slim you and help you reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    In today's world it can be easy to skew the facts to make anything seem possible. We need to remember this trickery and look into every minute detail when it comes to fitness and weight loss products. We need to know that there are no shortcuts on our way to becoming fit and healthy, so any lose weight quickly pill or product is just an easy way to give our money to a company that is promising us lies. You have to put in the time and effort needed to lose weight, and you need to realize that you will not see results overnight. It is a long hard road. You need to understand that it is going to take time and effort to see results. It is easy to fall victim to these scams if you can not accept the fact that weight loss requires a lot of hard work and can not be subject to the pretense of immediate gratification.