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How to Stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated

Do you ever have those days when you wake up and automatically tell yourself, “I’m not making it to the gym today.”? You seem to easily come up with a list of reasons why it’s not going to happen. 


“I have too much to do today.” 
“I’m too tired.” 
“I worked out yesterday. I can skip today.” 
“I’m sore, so I need to stay home.” 


    I have found myself using the same excuses a time or two in the past. I know it can be hard to stay motivated when you are trying to deal with the daily challenges of life, but you have to remember how important a healthy, active lifestyle is for you. It really hit me after I had my first child. I wanted to lead by example and introduce my kids to a healthy lifestyle. The longer I continue to stay active and healthy, the longer I am able to enjoy all of the physical activities with them as they grow. I have put together a list of things that keep me motivated to stay active every day.  


Set a REALISTIC goal. 

There is no better feeling than setting a goal and being able to say “I did it!” Really think about what kind of fitness goal you want to achieve for yourself. Having a booty like Kim Kardashian or losing 25 lbs. in 4 weeks is not a realistic goal. A realistic goal should also fit into your schedule. If you work 10 hour shifts throughout the week, then getting in a 2 hour workout is not going to work for you. Start with short term goals then work your way up to long term goals as you begin to reach those short term ones. I like to keep my goal written down in my planner as a reminder each day!


Share your goal with supportive people. 

Surrounding yourself with positive people who praise you for your accomplishments will definitely keep you motivated. My fiance is my biggest support. Just the words “great job” from him keeps me going each day! Share your fitness goal with people who will lift you higher, not bring you down.


Get a trainer. 

I know what you may be thinking. “Not everyone can afford a personal trainer.” I agree. Personal trainers can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. When I started 9Round two years ago, I completely fell in love with the workout. One of the many reasons is because there’s always a trainer included. They are there to help guide and motivate you throughout the entire workout. The price is a steal for what you get from the workout!


Make it FUN. 

Doing the same thing every day or even every week gets boring. What typically happens when we get bored of doing the same thing over again? We take a break from it or just stop doing it all together. Switching up your fitness routine will help you beat workout boredom. 


Rise to the Occasion. 

Set your alarm to get an early workout in. I have a two year son and a two month old daughter, so I think it’s safe to say I understand the meaning of the word TIRED. I have found that in order for me to reach my fitness goals, my workouts need to be completed early in the morning. Would I much rather sleep in? Definitely. However, I wouldn’t get a workout in if I did, AND I wouldn’t be any closer to reaching my goal. So, whether you need to set your alarm to wake up early or write a note to remind yourself to go to the gym after work, you will never regret it afterwards!


Find someone that inspires you! 

Having someone that inspires you to have a healthy lifestyle has helped me tremendously. I follow a few fitness models who are mothers like myself. Just knowing that they work their butts off in the gym to get to where they are now is motivation for me. It can also be someone you know personally that inspires you. I have a few empowering women in my life who remind me that achieving my fitness goal is possible!


As you begin your fitness journey, you will find other ways to help you stay motivated. So, start by setting a goal, finding a fun workout routine, and telling yourself you CAN! You will be setting yourself up for a lifetime of health and happiness. 


For a fast, fun, and effective workout go to www.9Round.com and find a location near you. Your body will thank you later!