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June 2019 Member of the Month- Stephanie Mondino

Jun 23, 2019

Meet Stephanie:

Stephanie Mondino - Fighter name “Swing” (my maiden name is Swingle). I’m 50 and a Huntington Beach native, although now I live in FV. I’ve been at 9Round since it opened on day 1 in October 2014!

How long have you been a member + what results have you see so far? 9Round is like my dream come true! There are so many great things about this gym! I live about 1 ½ miles from 9Round so I can literally be there in less than 5 minutes! My workout starts when I arrive, so no time constraints or stressing about getting to a workout on time. For me, walking into a gym and not knowing exactly what exercises I’m going to do is what keeps me coming back. I’m not a fan of doing the same thing everyday and 9Round definitely mixes things up! I also love the 9Round circuit because I love hitting and kicking the bags! I’ve always been a fan of kickboxing so it’s a perfect fit for me!

What is your favorite part of the gym?

The absolute best part of the gym for me are the trainers! Honestly, I love each and every one of them! They know how to make me dig deeper to push myself harder than I would without them! They know how to make the workout fun and that is important to me too. This includes Riza as well. Her Mondays are true butt-kickers! Every time I leave 9Round I feel GREAT!
What is your biggest challenge you have overcome since joining?

The biggest challenge I’ve come up against is probably accepting that I may not be able to do everything I used to do. There are new aches and pains that creep up in my body, but I’ve learned to modify when I need to and still be able to get in a really good workout!

What is your biggest fitness goal right now?

My fitness goal is to continue to eat healthy, and maintain my current workout schedule. I’d like to tone up a bit as well. I also love to run! I usually run the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and I enter local 5k - 10k runs every so often.

What is your favorite “cheat” food?

All food is my cheat food. I love everything and I love to eat!