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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


2002 New Garden Road
Greensboro, North Carolina 27410


  • Love working with the trainer. Love that I can go whenever I want on my OWN schedule. This is a great work out for anyone at any fitness level.
    - June 16, 2018 by Jenny Phang
  • I like that the trainers are very friendly and encouraging and give good instruction. I also like that the workouts seem easy enough to start in that they are doable even if you are not in great shape but partway through you realize, "Hey, this is actually hard!" so you know you will get stronger.
    - June 15, 2018 by M.G.
  • I like the friendly, knowledgeable staff. I enjoy the atmosphere. I love the time it takes to complete the work out. I enjoy the fact that the workout is different every day.
    - June 03, 2018 by S.S.
  • Its better than going to a regular gym. I like how they motivate you when you are at each station. I can also see results and I have only been going for 1 month
    - May 26, 2018 by S.M.
  • Great total body workout in 30 mins in a clean friendly environment. Can’t beat it.
    - May 26, 2018 by A.D.
  • I love that it is a total body workout that is only 30 minutes and changes daily. I am able to come on my lunch hour and it works perfectly with my busy schedule. All of the trainers are wonderful and really keep you engaged in what you are doing. Gina
    - May 11, 2018 by Gina Kidd
  • The friendly atmosphere at the gym and a new combination of workouts each day makes me push myself day in and day out...glad im a 9rounder :)
    - May 10, 2018 by R.A.
  • Intensive workout in little time. Never boring! Affordable.
    - May 04, 2018 by Crystal Merritt
  • The workouts are always challenging, and with the direction of the trainers and only 30 minutes of my time, it feels like a sustainable program for me. Seeing results hasn’t hurt either.
    - April 30, 2018 by C.O.
  • I love how encouraging and patient all the trainers are. They make you feel very welcomed and want to workout.
    - April 18, 2018 by M.P.
  • The trainers are very encouraging and friendly. They work with you with a positive attitude. I have enjoyed my experience thus far!
    - April 18, 2018 by R.C.
  • The team feels like family. Always there to cheer you on and help hold you accountable. Always a good workout.
    - April 17, 2018 by Nick Haddy
  • 30 minute full body workout, any time I want (during business hours). Personable trainers, who remember you by name and push you to try your hardest. Always an amazing experience. Try it! You won’t regret it!
    - April 14, 2018 by Dana Cecere
  • Awesome trainers! No class times to plan around, I can work out on my own schedule. No wait for equipment like at other gyms. I love that the workouts change every day so I never get bored. With two small kids I can’t spend hours at the gym so the 30 minute total body workout is perfect for me!
    - April 12, 2018 by A.S.
  • Friendly staff. Cleanliness. Great and complete workouts.
    - April 09, 2018 by Cara Burke
  • The ever changing workouts and the team there is amazing. Never gets boring and fully works you out for 30 straight minutes at your own pace
    - April 09, 2018 by J.C.
  • LOVE 9Round Greensboro! Extremely friendly staff - they actually take the time to get to know you and want you to truly succeed and meet whatever your fitness goal is.
    - April 09, 2018 by L.B.H.J.W.
  • Great all over body workout! As a busy mom that works full time, I love be that I can get such an amazing workout in 30 minutes!
    - April 07, 2018 by Carolyn Williams
  • Having such a different workout every day. I love knowing I'm not going in to burn out one part of my body, but I'm going in to get a full body burn. Plus, the trainers are super supportive and make it so fun.
    - April 05, 2018 by Jessi Taylor
  • I have always loved Boxing and Martial Arts. I am 64 years old and had dropped off from training due to not being able to spar. At 9 round Greensboro the atmosphere is great! Get to workout doing something I love. In my opinion there are no better conditioned athletes than fighters. Very pleased with results after putting in the work. 9 round is a scientific format that works if a person gets in and works the program. Love It!
    - April 05, 2018 by John Whitsett
  • It takes 30 mins and it’s a total body workout. I leave sweating every time! The trainers are also very helpful in demonstrating an exercise or correcting you if you’re doing something wrong.
    - April 05, 2018 by K.H.
  • Love the different workouts each time. I burn more calories there in 30 minutes than I did attending an 1 hour kickboxing class due to you being able to set your own pace and intensity. Most of all LOVE the staff Nick, Law and Rachael who are the ones I see the most. The other two staff members are great too, I just don't get to see them that often.
    - April 05, 2018 by P.W.
  • I feel like the workouts truly work and I feel stronger. Plus, the trainers are friendly and helpful. I always look forward to going to 9Round!
    - April 05, 2018 by A.M.
  • Everything! High energy, great full body work outs and awesome trainers!
    - April 04, 2018 by Amanda Petruzzi
  • I love that I can walk in and know that I am going to get a challenging workout without having to plan it myself. This place is perfect for the busy/multi-tasking person -- you can make time for this, all you have to do is show up. The trainers know you and are incredibly encouraging. This is about you besting your personal best for 9 3-minute rounds at a time.
    - April 04, 2018 by B.A.
  • I like how friendly everyone is. It really feels like a community. The trainers are there pushing you to keep working hard which I also enjoy. Each station is only 3 minutes which helps me work harder because I can convince myself to do something for three minutes and then just three more and before I know it I’ve done all 9 rounds!
    - April 02, 2018 by M.W.
  • Don’t need to arrive at a specific class time. Covers strength, endurance and cardio all in one workout.
    - April 02, 2018 by S.H.
  • In my 2nd year, great work out, always different. Awesome trainers!
    - April 02, 2018 by Jim Levine
  • 9Round provides a fantastic workout in a reasonable amount of time. I enjoy that every workout is unique and every round targets different muscle groups. Few fitness classes are as adaptable as 9Round, where it's members can set their own pace and their own goals, but feel equally challenged. The trainers are perceptive and encouraging and the facility is always clean. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the 9Round team!
    - April 02, 2018 by Haley Shust
  • I love the atmosphere at 9Round Greensboro. The staff is always friendly, great everyone with a smile on their face, and are very supportive and encouraging. I love having a trainer motivate me and encourage me for way less than the price of a trainer at other gyms. All of the members encourage one another and cheer each other on. I have made some great friends through 9Round. I feel that 9Round truly is the no judgement gym. I have never felt uncomfortable due to my weight or some jiggle. Everyone there is super kind.
    - April 02, 2018 by Jeanie Yount
  • Getting an all-round work out in just thirty minutes. Different every day. Trainers are very helpful. Having fun getting in shape.
    - August 31, 2017 by S.M.
  • The staff & the workout experience is great!
    - August 13, 2017 by R.W.
  • I love 9Round, its amazing every time I go in there I always get recognized its a warm welcoming very positive environment. Nick the owner and his team always say hello when I walk through the door. They know how to push you and keep you going in a positive manner. The workouts that I may not know how to do they are always there on the floor showing you and making sure you do the exercise correctly. One of my favorite things that 9round does is bring in guest trainers that switch things up little bit and bring in a different feel in the gym and the sign up fee if there is any at all is low and goes to a charity. 9rouund is amazing and worth every single penny. Super happy there will never go anywhere else 9round is my kick boxing gym for life. Thanks Nick and team for everything. Happy kick boxer Angela S.
    - August 12, 2017 by A.S.
  • I like the atmosphere and ability to not have a set time to work out. Who doesn't like to bang the bags? John Whitsett
    - August 04, 2017 by J.W.
  • The instructors were all super positive and gave great instructions if you don't know how to do something. It's a fun, hard workout that makes you feel really accomplished afterwards.
    - August 02, 2017 by J.F.
  • I belong to a 9Round in Charlotte but was in the Greensboro/High Point for a week to spend time with family. The GSO staff was super welcoming and I had a great workout! I brought my sister along as she lives in the area and I had been telling her about 9Round for months. She loved the workout and will definitely be back for more. Thanks 9Round GSO!
    - July 24, 2017 by D.E.
  • 30 minutes of great workout so easy to fit my schedule. We have very dedicated and motivating trainers so I am always looking forward to going. I feel stronger and better since going there. It's a great all body workout.
    - July 22, 2017 by V.M.
  • It is a great full body workout! In just 4 weeks going 3 or 4 times a week I am seeing results. The trainers are all amazing! I like how I just show up and work out. Each time is different and fantastic. So glad I joined.
    - July 21, 2017 by T.S.
  • Love the staff and their dedication to your progress and success. 9Round GSO has a friendly and encouraging environment you won't find in another gym.
    - July 10, 2017 by C.M.
  • I love having a different workout everyday in a judgement free environment. After work it's a great release to come to 9 rounds and get frustrations from the day out through my workout. I always feel welcome & everyone is so friendly! Love 9 rounds. :)
    - June 28, 2017 by D.O.
  • In and out in about 30 mins. I love how the workouts always change and vary, keeps me from getting bored. Rachael and Law are outstanding trainers, both know how to push you to get the best out of each member.
    - June 21, 2017 by B.B.
  • Love the different variations of the workouts from day to day. Love how you can jump right in to your workout and be done. There aren't any class times you have to abide by. Great atmosphere, great trainers who really know what they are doing and there at all times if you need help.
    - June 20, 2017 by P.W.
  • Stress free; full personal trainer engagement and the good vibe enviroment!!!!!!!
    - June 16, 2017 by C.M.
  • Intense but quick workout- trainers are extremely helpful and very kind!! Very glad to have started my 8th month with 9rounds in Greensboro! Nick cares about his customers and helps them to achieve their goals!!
    - June 16, 2017 by S.L.
  • Everything. Convenience of work out times and length, changes to work out take the boredom away, Quick pace of workouts.
    - June 15, 2017 by D.T.
  • I love how motivating the trainers are and how fast the work out goes by. I also enjoy doing something different every work out.
    - June 14, 2017 by A.S.
  • I love everything about 9Round! From the workouts to the trainers that know your name! Being able to walk into a gym and the first thing you see or hear is a trainer saying hello and calling you by name and asking little things like how your day is going. They encourage and motivate you throughout your workout. You can't get that anywhere else. I love how different each workout is everyday. There is always something new and exciting. I sweat every workout. 9Round is the best workout ever. Period.
    - June 14, 2017 by A.P.
  • The support and encouragement from the trainers. I also love that is quick and effective with no set class times. I can show up at any time and get a great workout.
    - June 13, 2017 by B.J.
  • I love the environment at my 9Round. The staff is always super friendly and encouraging. The members are also supportive amongst each other and I never felt judged when I weighed more and had trouble doing some of the exercises. I also love that I have a personal trainer pretty much by my side while I work out. The price value of this alone is amazing! Also, I love that the workouts change daily. It never gets boring because you never know what you sre going to be doing that day when you come in.
    - June 13, 2017 by J.Y.
  • The trainers are amazing! I feel like they support my journey and it feels sincere! Amazing workouts that never allow you to be bored! Love it!
    - June 13, 2017 by A.S.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Nick Petruzzi
    Owner and certified Kickbox Instructor, Nick Petruzzi knows his way around the gym floor, especially on the mat. The former New Jersey high school championship wrestler and journeyman toolmaker left a 30-year career in corporate sales to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning a gym. The father of three and grandfather of one is a native of New Jersey. When Nick is not at the gym, you may find him at the track racing his sport bike or enjoying some leisure time on the golf course.
  • 9Round trainer
    Rachael "The Rock" Horton
    A native of Tennessee who has settled in NC 5 years ago. She is a happily married mother of two. A licensed Esthetician and fitness enthusiast. When Rachael isn't at the gym you will find her enjoying time with friends and family and traveling as much as possible. Rachael loves interacting with the members of 9Round and helping them achieve their full fitness potential.
  • 9Round trainer
    Law "Law & Order" Calicchio
    A native from Brooklyn, NY, Law grew up in Wilmington, NC. Health and fitness have always been a life-long passion of his. He leads by example of maintaining a healthy lifestyle by helping everyone meet their health and fitness goals any way that he can. When Law is not here at 9Round, he is pursuing his Master’s degree in Business Administration. When Law is not at 9Round or working on school, he enjoys hiking, fishing (with an ice cold beer), rock climbing and pretty much any other outdoor activity.
  • 9Round trainer
    Kelsey "Downtown" Brown
    An accomplished athlete from Massachusetts, Kelsey was raised with one foot in the soccer cleat, the other in a ballet shoe, reflecting her balanced workout style. After pushing herself in every way through her military training in the Air Force, she chose to begin her fitness career here in NC. She became a Certified Personal Trainer through W.I.T.S. in 2011. Currently, while fulfilling her passion at 9Round, Kelsey is chasing her dream to achieving an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Nutrition. The most rewarding gift is helping others overcome their own, “impossible” story.

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