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Is It Normal to Shake While You Are Exercising

Many of us like to feel the burn during our fitness routines. We see this feeling as a way our bodies let us know that we are getting a good workout. However, is it alright to feel our muscles shake when we are strength training or strenuously exercising? You may have noticed it before in your fitness routines, maybe your muscles involuntarily tend to shake when you are trying to hold a difficult position or near the conclusion of your fitness routine. For most of us, this is completely natural and should not cause you to worry.


    According to Kristina Marcussen, who is a physical therapist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, there is really no cause for concern. "Your muscles involuntarily shaking should not be considered harmful or dangerous. It is basically a different level of muscle twitching that typically indicates that your workout is challenging and intensely working your muscles, and it can be viewed as a good sign because muscles that are in hard to target areas and are considered to be your weaker muscles are the ones that are more prone to shake. So, you should welcome the shake because it means that you are working and engaging your entire system!"


    Usually, your muscles shaking is just a way for you body to let you know that you are demanding more from it than it is normally capable of doing. It is not necessarily a bad thing; however, you may experience the usual side effect of some muscle soreness the next day. As you workout your muscles, you will eventually make them stronger, which means the more you work on the moves that cause your muscles to shake, you will become stronger and shake less. The more you workout, you should begin to notice that your muscles shake less or only shake when you transition to more demanding or higher levels in your fitness routine.


    You need to remember to never push yourself too far or too hard, especially if you are a fitness newbie or just returning to the fitness scene. You should practice moderation and ease back into your fitness routine. You want to take it slow and steady in the beginning. This means that you should not be shaking at the beginning of your fitness routine. If you are this could be a sign that you are overdoing it and need to back down to a lower weight or slower intensity. It is definitely better safe than sorry in the fitness world, so take it easy and listen to your body.