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"The Dreaded Mommy Belly"

Heather Hudson

When I talk to female clients and especially moms, the most frequent question I get is, "How do I get rid of this belly?!" usually followed by a handful of blubber being grabbed and shaken around in hopes it will fall off in their hands....

Better than that..let's talk real solutions. One common myth is that thousands of crunches and sit ups will shrink the size of your belly. Punch that myth in the GUT! This is absolutely not going to get you the small, toned waist you are seeking. Here's why: crunches and sit ups do make the abdominal muscles STRONGER, but if you don't do more than that, you will have nice strong ab muscles still hiding under a nice big thick layer of fat! Not what you're seeking? Read on....

The good news is: a flat, toned stomach is completely attainable! Yes, even after KIDS.

There's two main secrets to get this. Are you ready?

Secret #1: FULL BODY workouts


FACT: Fat burns EVENLY. Not from one place where you are concentrating efforts. If you think of your fat reserves as a swimming pool, with a deep end..then maybe your belly fat is your deep end! If so, then that will be the LAST to go, just like a pool. It all drains evenly on the surface....and the deepest end is the last to go. Make sense?

That being said, the goal when you workout is to remember, your muscles are your fat burners, so the magic happens when you work as many muscles simultaneously as you can! Hence, full body! 9Round is just that. While push ups are great, why not alternate them with lunges in the same 'round' and burn twice the fat? When you alternate upper and lower body exercises, your heart works harder and you just burn more calories. Period.

Remember, 9Round always hits your back and core as well. The back is a huge group of muscles that is often neglected, but not at 9Round! All that punching is going to tone that back. Guess what else? Every time you twist to punch and raise your leg to kick, you are engaging the core muscles! You're never at a loss for a full body workout at 9Round. We make you a fat burning machine!

Now, on to secret #2: CORRECT NUTRITION. Remember the strong ab muscles hiding under a layer of fat? Well, there's only so much working out you can do until your poor eating habits outshine your efforts. Remember, you're working out 30 minutes a day. What about the other 23 1/2 hours a day? What are you fueling your body with?


"Abs are made in the kitchen!" This is a famous quote that truly lean people live by. 9Round Nutrition teaches you the 4 secret principles to eating right. (And, sorry to burst your bubble, but just eating HEALTHY and eating RIGHT are not the same thing!)

Those are:


Honestly, most of us fuel our cars more carefully than we fuel our bodies! Treat yourself with respect and you'll gain energy and performance that is noticeably different!

The 9Round Nutrition program comes with 3 levels of support:

  • The online nutrition guide
  • Weekly email tips from Dr. K himself
  • The online forum: this is where you can anonymously ask Dr. K, 9Round's premier Nutrition Coach, your nutrition questions and get answers from the source!

People who follow 9Round Nutrition principles see results faster than those who don't! 9Round really is a lifestyle makeover from top to bottom. You can do this for life and enjoy your life more along the way! There's nothing that can replace rocking that bikini at the beach. Nothing.

Get in, get addicted, get FIT!