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Your Body, Your Business

Your Body, Your Business

Building the body you desire and achieving that ideal body composition is very similar to building a business. When an individual chooses to start a new business, in the beginning, these are the "early critical stages" of business building. A good and successful business owner is going to pour his/her heart and soul into building the business during these early critical stages. They are going to work more and work harder than they ever have in their life. They know that this is a very critical time in order to get the business off the ground.


When a new business owner first opens their business, they don't say, "you know what, I think I'm going to take a week off and go on vacation", no way, not even close. These conscientious business owners know that vacations are not deserved, rather, they are earned. As the months and years go on and the business continues to grow and become successful, the business owner is sure to keep their foot on the gas, as they know this is key for success.


New and successful business owners, during these early critical stages, are not looking to take a break, take a vacation, etc. They are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to become successful and achieve their goal. And when they reach their goal, they don't stop. They know that in order to continue to grow and remain successful, the same hard work, effort and energy that went into building the business has to remain in place in order to keep the business rolling. (The same holds true for losing weight & body fat and keeping it off)


 The business-building scenario above is no different then building the body you desire and achieving your body composition goal. When that individual chooses to make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to achieve their goals, they are at the same stage as the new business owner. These are the early, critical stages and every step along this journey is a very important one. And sure, as the new business owner starts to learn the ins and outs of business ownership, they may run into some obstacles and there may be some highs and lows along the ways. This can a very normal part of the process, but the key is, the successful business owner does not let these obstacles stop them. They do not let the lows get them down. Rather, they focus on the positives and continue to drive forward.


Along your journey of health and fitness, there very well may be obstacles and some lows that you experience. But, just like the business owner, you have to focus on the positives and keep driving forward. These early, critical stages are so important because this is where we really start to establish our new lifestyle, our new mindset and our new belief structure. This is where you are setting yourself up for success. And the success is not just weight loss; rather, the success is setting your mind and body up to achieve meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime.


As you are building your body, think about the business building analogy. Your body is your business and your goal is to build the most successful business that you can. Each day when you wake up, roll up those sleeves, grab that lunch pail and put on at hardhat because it's time to go to work. Enjoy every step on your body composition journey. Every successful meal, snack, workout and night of sleep is one more successful step along your health and fitness journey.


For that new, successful business owner, their focus is not on the end-goal. Rather, their focus is on the process. For example, if their business is a service-based business, their focus is providing the best service possible. If their business is a product-based business, their focus is providing the best product and best customer service possible. The new business owner can't control the end goal and results but they have 100% control over the process.


The same holds true for you, as you are the business owner of your own body and your own personal health. No matter how much body fat and body weight you are choosing to lose, you don't want to focus on losing weight (end-goal). You can't control how much and/or how quickly you lose your weight and body fat. But, you have 100% control over the process and this is where 100% of your mental and physical energy needs to be. When we shift our mindset and become process-focused, success will follow. When you focus on the process, you are in complete control. And in time, you can start to enjoy the amazing results that follow. Your body is your business and you can create as successful business as you choose. Let's make it happen!


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year