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What Is Your Why?

What Is Your Why?

Best-selling author, Steve Olsher, wrote a book titled, " What Is Your What?" In the world of health & fitness and achieving the goals we have set forth for ourselves, we have to ask a similar question and that is, "What Is Your Why?" The deeper and more purpose-driven the "why", the more likely we are going to stay focused and stay on track to achieve the goals we have set. For example, many individuals set a goal such as, "I want to lose weight." This is a good goal, no doubt; but, many times, this will not lead to success. Reason being, the individual does not have a big enough "why" connected to their goal. Sure, results are an important part of goals, but results are just one piece of a multi piece puzzle. A results-driven goal, typically, will not have enough steam behind it to be sustainable. Whereas a purpose-driven goal has the oomph necessary for achieving meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. 


Why are results-driven goals not the most ideal? Well, results are not always going to show despite the high amount of time, effort and energy put forth towards the goal. Elite athletes understand this. No doubt, elite athletes want results. Elite athletes want to win. Elite athletes want to set a personal best performance each time. But, elite athletes also understand that this is not going to be realistic. Not every event. race, competition, workout, etc., is going to produce a home-run result...despite the big-time effort and energy. Elite athletes can go weeks, months and even years and not get the results they desire. But guess what? The key is that the elite athlete is not just results-driven; they are also purpose driven and this is the exact reason they keep getting after it.


Now, let's relate this to the world of health and fitness, which tends to be more results driven. The scale becomes the determining factor for many individuals. If they do not lose weight on a given day, week, month, etc., what is the perception? The perception is that they have failed. The perception is that they are stuck. The perception is that they have plateaued. The perception is that what they are doing is not working and they need to do something else. It is also very common for individuals to become frustrated, simply because they did not see weight loss results. This often leads to the individual quitting, giving up, binge eating, etc. Why is this so common? It all goes back to the results-driven goal. If the results are the only thing that the individual is leaning on, they are setting themselves up for sub-par success. We have to keep in mind that results are not always going to show and we have to accept that and be ok with that. We have to understand that this is normal and part of the process. And this is where a purpose-driven goal will help to take us over the top, help us stay in the game, and allow us to reach every goal we set.


...Your "why" is what keeps you going despite not seeing results.


… Your "why" is what is going to get you out of bed in the morning to get your workout in as opposed to hitting the snooze button and saying, "I will just work out tomorrow."


… Your "why" is what will keep you focused when you are out with friends at a restaurant and they are ordering a plethora of drinks and appetizers. Your "why" will easily enable you to eat right and stay on track with your goals.


… Your "why" is what will get you to your 9Round workout on that day when you might say, "I'm too busy to workout today."


… Your "why" is what will keep you from unconscious eating and snacking after your final meal of the day.


Here are some purpose-driven 'whys' from individuals just like you:


"My kids have always been my why. Children learn by example whether that be a good example or a bad. For this reason, I have to be careful having daughters and to not to put too much emphasis on skinny; rather on making healthy choices and being active."


"My why is aimed at inspiration. I noticed I love to motivate others. Whether that's through speaking, quotes, or action. My weight loss journey was initially an inspiration to so many people I encountered daily. A little of my why also lends to inspiring myself. At times life just gets hard and finding a way to hit back at life when you feel down just feels really good. So, I guess not only do I aim to inspire others to take a few shots at life when they feel down, but in turn to inspire myself."


"Personally I have a few "why" factors that drive me. I think that generally I like to stay fit and having an eight-year-old son gives me a great "why" to stay fit and healthy to spend as long as I can with him. Being an older Dad makes me understand the short time we have. Also, having my son see his parents being active sets a good example that life is not TV and video games but rather a holistic approach to wellness with both exercise, competition and great healthy nutrition along with all the other fun stuff we can do together. Other reasons that drive my "why" are incremental improvements in my results to keep me driving forward to my ultimate athletic goals. It's a pretty lofty goal but one that keeps my “why" up front and personal when I am on that final tough workout interval."


"I love to compete (against myself and others). The health and fitness come as an added bonus and necessary requirement."


"My why...My girls, living and being the example of a healthy full life. I want to be able to live life to the fullest and not sitting on the couch watching novellas, complaining of what I can't do or simply being in pain I want to show my children what healthy at 40's, 50's 60's 70's etc. looks like. I don't want them to look at me and be afraid of getting older and not doing anything. As long as we can breathe, we can move."


"My "Why" is simple. It's part of my life DNA. My father's three basic principles to live by: Do it right, Be the best you can be and Treat people as you want to be treated. I apply these principles in everything I do in business, sports and life. I will admit, it's not easy but the rewards come back to me in so many ways. I must execute and apply a sustained self-motivation to be the best. I'm not saying the best is being #1; rather, achieving milestones predicated on elements currently in play. My why is not a sometimes thing but an everyday thing."


"My why started when I was watching my father live and die an unhealthy lifestyle. My father is no longer the why; my why today is that this lifestyle allows me to have a healthy mind and body and I feel amazing. At the age of 57, I'm faster and fitter and healthier than when I was in my 20's, 30's and 40's. I plan to stay on this path for a lifetime and I love it!"


"My why began 10 years ago when I was sitting in a hospital room being told my husband, at 24 years old, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I knew I wanted to do something not only healthy for myself but to show our son, Alex, that when one parent may not be able to do all the amazing things because of a bad heart, the other, me, could."


"I like learning new things and being fit has always come in the pursuit of learning cool things."


"I've heard my parents use excuses about heredity and how it controls everything we do. But when I open their fridge, I see nothing but processed and junk foods. My why.... To prove that heredity is only a small part of your health. That it takes commitment to yourself and that the most important 'machine' to maintain, is your own body."


What is your Why?


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