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4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles in Your Diet

It is easy to say that we are going on a diet, but it may be a little harder to stick to it. We usually find ourselves starting our diets with great intentions and giving it everything we got. However, as time goes by, we usually seem to put in less and less effort. It seems as if our energy slowly fades away, and we may find ourselves at a turning point in our weight loss journey. We can easily fall prey to the challenges we seem to face throughout our diet, but there is no need to worry. If you are looking for some helpful tips on overcoming these diet destroying mistakes, you have come to the right place. Here are just a few ways you can overcome the obstacles everyday life may throw into your diet.



  • I just can't find the time to cook today. A lot of us fall victim to not having enough time to cook something healthy; however, if we plan ahead, we can put an end to this excuse. You should plan your weekly meals ahead of time and do your shopping accordingly. It may also be helpful to prepare meals on the weekends and warm them up throughout your work week. You can also prepare extra with each meal this way there is always some leftover for you to take to work the next day and to save on time you could even pack your lunch the night before. Using a crockpot can be super helpful as well. Don’t aim to make every meal a gourmet experience. Be kind to yourself and keep it simple.

  • I just can't stick to the proper portions. It can be hard sticking to the proper portion control. However, you have to know the proper portions before you can stick to them. This means you have to read the labels carefully and keep track of what you eat. If you have any questions, you should consult a nutrition expert. And, you need to remember that on those special occasions when you go out to eat, you have to especially careful. Most restaurants serve large meal portions. Therefore, you should probably only eat half of your meal (or even less as some restaurants!) and take the other half home for later . Furthermore, you should try to stay away from the all you can eat buffets. They are just too tempting for some of us. Pick lean proteins, a salad or another veggie and one whole grain carb, provided it’s not laden with extra fat (biscuits are probably not the best choice.) You will feel a slight discomfort at first when learning portion control, but, when you get used to it, you end up feeling light and energetic after every meal, rather than lethargic and stuffed!

  • I already ate, but I still want seconds. It is hard for some of us to realize when we are full and when we just want to eat more. It is very easy to overeat in today's world. Everything tastes so good and is so high in fat and calories. We are just setting ourselves up for failure. It can also take some time for our bodies to digest our food, so our best bet would be to wait at least twenty minutes before we attempt to refill our plates. It can give your body the chance to let you know that you are full and on the verge of overeating and getting a stomach ache. Be sure and consume 16 oz of water with each meal as well.

  • I can’t eat breakfast. For a lot of us we are just in too much of a hurry to eat breakfast in the morning. However, you could prepare your breakfast ahead of time just like your other meals if you feel short on time. You really do want to aim to eat within 30 minutes of waking up, so pick a balanced smoothie for easy digestion. Or, lean towards things that don’t have to be cooked if time is your issue, such as greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast in order to get your metabolism off to a great start.

Sticking to our diets can be a difficult time for all of us. We may need that little extra push to get us through our day, and these tips may be that little something that gets you through your day.