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9Round Fitness
825 Spartanburg Hwy Unit 14
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792

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9Round Fitness
825 Spartanburg Hwy Unit 14
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792

9ROUND FITNESS GYM - Hendersonville, NC



9Round works because it includes everything you need: a full-body workout that’s fast, effective and fun… personal trainers to help you… and expert nutritional guidance. And it’s all based on the latest exercise and nutritional science.

ABOUT 9ROUND Hendersonville, NC

Welcome to 9Round 30 Minute Kickbox Fitness in Hendersonville, NC.  9Round provides a challenging workout that combines kickboxing on different types of bags, uses dumb bells, medicine balls, and various other fun pieces of equipment. We set ourselves apart by giving great customer service and an exciting workout that keeps you engaged so you WANT to workout. A new workout begins every 3 minutes so you can come in at your convenience. You're never late and you have a motivational trainer with you every step of the way. Come in today for your first FREE trial workout.    

Strength: Stations 1-2

You'll use dumb bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, jump ropes and other equipment to build strength and stamina. Our trainers help you at every station.

Kickbox Fitness: Stations 3-8

The real fun begins as you punch and kick heavy bags to build power, double end bags to increase coordination and timing, and speed bags to develop shoulder conditioning and speed.

Abs & Core: Station 9

You’ll tighten and strengthen all the muscles in one of the most common trouble spots, your core, which improves your ability to perform any movement you do for work, exercise, or leisure.

9Round Delivers The Ultimate Body Transformation Program For All Fitness Levels

9Round is a specialized fitness center for people who want an unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens. The programs consist of a proprietary system of 9 challenging workout stations developed by a professional fighter.

What You Can Expect at 9Round Fitness:

  • Show up at your convenience; there are no class times
  • You’re immediately welcomed by a trainer
  • Trainer wraps your hands for support when punching
  • Use heart rate training to stay in your target fat burning zone
  • Trainer shows you how to do each exercise based on your fitness level
  • After station nine, your 30-minute full-body workout is over
  • Access 9Round Nutritional Guidance & one-on-one support
  • Enjoy a new workout every day (workouts change daily)
Our personal trainers take your workout to the next level, so you get

What You’ll Accomplish in 30 Minutes:

  • Burn massive amounts of calories during your workout
  • Burn body fat for hours after your workout is complete.
  • You release toxins as you sweat
  • Strengthen and tighten every muscle
  • Boost your stamina and endurance
  • Relieve stress
  • Strengthen your heart
  • Release feel-good endorphins
  • Increase energy, improve sleep, and much more

Here's what you get with your membership

  • No Class Times

    No Class Times

    Show up on your schedule. A new circuit starts every three minutes. Time wasted: ZERO!

  • Max Results in Just 30 Minutes

    Max Results in Just 30 Minutes

    Combines cardio and resistance training for a complete, full-body workout in 30 minutes.

  • Heart Rate Technology

    Heart Rate Technology

    Produces measurable results by helping you stay in your fat burning zone.
    * At participating locations.

  • Members Portal

    Members Portal

    Online meal planner, plus videos, podcasts and more to help you track your progress and get results.

  • Workouts Change Daily

    Workouts Change Daily

    Every day is a new workout, so your body is always challenged, and you never get bored.

  • Personal Trainers Included

    Trainer Included

    Trainers are always there to guide, motivate and push you to get the most from every workout.

  • Get Fit, Never Hit

    Get Fit, Never Hit

    Punch and kick bags, not people. Quickly and easily get in shape with the basic moves of kickboxing.

  • Expert Nutritional Support

    Expert Nutritional Support

    Get all your nutrition questions answered by professional nutrition coach Dr. Rick Kattouf II.

  • Gloves and Wraps

    Gloves and Wraps

    For support and comfort. Trainers teach you how to wrap your hands in no time.

Custom Meal Planning

Your custom meal plan makes healthy eating simple. Swap out meals for endless variety.

9Round Nutrition Matrix

Shuffle of variety
Vary your meals in one click. Shuffle gives you new meals and snacks instantly.

Quick, easy access to all your favorite meals and snacks.

What to eat
Perfectly balanced meals and snacks with the calories and macro-nutrients your body needs.

Your custom needs
Our proprietary Meal Planner is designed to take the guess work out of eating right.

Proven Nutritional Science

Exercise alone is not enough. That’s why we built the 9Round Nutrition Member Portal… to help you enjoy maximum results with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan you’ll enjoy.

  • Makes nutrition simple
  • No guesswork, no fluff
  • Lose excess fat, keep your muscle
  • Enjoy all-day energy and mental clarity
  • No starvation, no diets, no quick-fix disappointments
  • Helps stabilize hormones and mood
  • Expert nutrition access assures that you get all your questions answered
  • Access all features from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Helps you adapt your lifestyle to get lean and healthy

What Is 9Round Nutrition?

It’s a nutritional system that provides you access to nutritional tools, resources and expert advice, so you get the results you want with foods you love.

You’ll discover how to maximize fat loss, fuel your muscles and increase performance without dieting or starving yourself.

9Round Nutrition

What You Get Inside 9Round Nutrition

  • No-Guesswork “Nutrition Matrix”

    No-Guesswork Meal Plan

    Your daily meal plan customized to YOUR body and calorie needs. Healthy eating has never been so simple!
  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Coach

    Personalized Nutrition Coach

    You’re not alone! Any nutrition questions you have will be answered by an expert.
  • Weekly Coaching Emails

    Weekly Coaching Emails

    Your nutrition coach will send you helpful advice, easy and delicious recipes, and more every week.
  • 9Round Nutrition Guide

    9Round Nutrition Guide

    Learn the key components of fitness and nutrition success, how to eat healthy at restaurants, and much more.
  • Fitness Tools

    Fitness Tools

    Easy online tools calculate your target heart rate zone, body fat, BMI, and more to assess and track your health and fitness.
  • Fitness Videos

    Fitness Videos

    Quick, one to two minute tips and techniques help you get the most from your workouts.
  • Podcast & Articles

    Podcast & Articles

    Get fact-based, no-fluff fitness and nutrition secrets from our growing archive.

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Member Reviews

  • Best gym ever

  • When I started 9Rounds I had very low self esteem and I had little to no motivation to do anything about it but now I feel better than I ever have and I have more energy. I look at myself and think damn I look good. Some days I just don't want to do anything but after I get there it all changes. Best decision I ever made was to sign up. The trainers are wonderful and I thank them for helping me every step of the way!

  • I have been so blessed by 9 rounds. I have met amazing trainers. They have been an inspiration to me and my son . We have gained muscles and strength in places I didn't think was possible. It has given my 12 year old son confidence that he needed. It is an amazing workout and they deliver a knock out work out. Everyone should give it a try!

  • I believe that when you discover a product that that truly makes a life changing difference that it is your responsibility to tell others which is the case with 9Round. This is truly the one size fits all gym. People of all ages and sizes are welcome and the workout never gets old because it changes daily. No heavy weights or impossible challenges required, just hardwork. Results come with your hardwork and the help of the trainers encouraging words (and banter). During your first workout, the trainers help you identify your fitness and weightloss goals. The best part is the workout is only 30 minutes and can fit into even the busiest schedule. There is also nutritional support available through an online portal. The first workout is free so there is no risk in giving it a try. Stop making excuses and let Dan and Mike Brown help you reach your fitness goals.

  • I have been a 9round addict for 1yr and 3 months and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am a working mom with 3 children and a very busy schedule to boot.I work in sports medicine and feel this is the best all around workout for any age group or fitness level. I was not a athlete but had always try to have a active lifestyle and eat healthy. I struggled losing the weight and keeping it off until I started 9round. It has been a slow process for me but the weight has stayed off with no regains. The 9 round workout has changed my physical and emotional state from the start. I weighed 178 at 5'7 and now weigh 157,still have 10 to go but I know I am at the right place to do it. I have loss count of the total inches loss but I have went down 4sizes in pants and everybody notices how I have become more fit and toned. Which lets be honest this is what most people want others to notice the most and I love that others are noticing all the hard work I have put in at 9Round.After a bad day with the kids or work it is a great place to relieve stress and gives you a opportunity to reboot for the family. Danny and Mike are so motivating and make you challenge yourself even when you think you have no more left. They Keep the energy high throughout the 30min workout and keep the fun moving. I don't have a lot time for long boring workouts in a traditional gym, so they always made sure I got the cardio, resistance and even some weightlifting in to keep the metabolism burning. These guys will make sure you stay focus on your goal. They have been such a inspiration to me I am preparing for my first ever 5k. I know I will miss them so much a 9round North Greenville when they open the Hendersonville Location. But not sure if I will miss the burpees for whining.

  • What awesome trainers. I have multiple back issues and they found a workout I could actually do. You have to come and check this gym out. Worked for me!!! Thank you!!!

9Round Certified Trainers

  • 9Round trainer
    Chris Blanc
    Chris is the co-owner of 9Round in Asheville and Hendersonville, NC. She has been a member since 2014 and loved it so much she decided to invest. She is a Trauma Specialist and works with children and adolescents. In addition to her love of working out, she has 2 children. Chris has a Black Sash in Muay Thai Kickboxing and likes to do mudruns and hiking.
  • 9Round trainer
    Scott Fowler
    Scott is the co-owner of 9Round in Asheville, Hendersonville, NC. He also is the owner of a 9Round in Tampa, FL.
  • 9Round trainer
    Justin Neal
    Justin has been a part of our 9 Round team for almost 3 years. He is now the manager for both Asheville and Hendersonville. He is a master at the hand pads and loves learning and teaching new techniques.

9Round TV

Click the videos to learn more about 9Round and hear what members are saying:

  • The Science Behind the Workout
    The Philosophy
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    Rashad - 9Round Member - Kickboxing
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    Kristan - 9Round Member - Kickboxing
  • The Science Behind the Workout
    Kristi - 9Round Member - Kickboxing

Contact Information
9Round Fitness
825 Spartanburg Hwy Unit 14
Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792
Hours Of Operation
Monday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am - 1:30 pm 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Custom Dates
05/29/2017 Holiday

What 9Round Members are Saying

loses pounds
  • Joey C.
    Joey C. loses 55 pounds
    "When I walked into 9Round, I weighed 215lbs and had so many bad habits. After I became a member, I stuck with it as well as maintaining a healthy diet to date. To date, I am at 160lbs."
    Joey C.
  • Shannon T. loses 80 pounds
    "9Round is not just a gym to me, this is a family that inspires, fights, and dedicates every minute to each individual that is there because no one person is the same. Yet we all have the same goal in mind. I truly appreciate everything 9Round has done for me, from motivation to inspiration!"
    Shannon T.
    Shannon T.
  • Traci S.
    Traci S. loses 46 pounds
    "I love how 9Round gives me the freedom to set my own workout schedule. It's so refreshing to be able to get a full body workout with a trainer, in only 30 minutes. I went from obese to a normal and healthy weight in a matter of six months and I feel amazing. I\m stronger, happier, and healthier than I've ever been."
    Traci S.
  • Abbie R. loses 25 pounds
    "I never enjoyed working out until I had my first workout at 9Round. I am so grateful for 9Round for helping me become a stronger, more energetic, and better me. The owners and trainers at 9Round are phenomenal. Having someone tell me I'm doing a great job and push me through an intense round of pads is what kept me coming back."
    Abbie R.
    Abbie R.

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