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My name won’t be REGRET and I hope yours won’t either!

Kevin Hudson

Listening to a radio station on the way in yesterday I heard a song that really hit home with me. I can’t remember who sings it or the title, but the lyrics go something like this:

“Hello my name is regret…”
It’s got a catchy tune and if I could sing it I would, but you wouldn’t want that, I’m sure. The only place I’ve ever carried a tune was in a bucket.

Anyway, the song went on to talk about how people go through life and live with regret;

  • regret they didn’t try this,
  • regret they didn’t start their own business,
  • regret they didn’t start exercising sooner, even something as heavy as regret they didn’t spend more time with a love one before it was too late.

All of us make mistakes. We all wish we had known something when we was younger that we know now, etc, etc. But from this point on, I want you fashion your life in a way that there is no regret. We are all only given a finite amount of time here on this earth. Our days are numbered, there’s a time to be born and a time to die. The wisest man in history said that.

If there’s something you’ve needed to do but never got around to it, today is your day!

For instance, getting into shape, is that something that’s been put on the back burner due to work, family, lack of motivation, or whatever????

Let’s put some perspective on things. Since we are only give a certain number of days, don’t you want to live them healthy? Well to do that you’ll need to get your head around that fact, get to the gym, get on that healthy eating plan, all of this is provided at 9round by the way, and take action.

How regretful will you be when you go for that annual checkup and the doctor says,
‘we’re gonna have to put you on this med or that med to control your blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, etc.” It could be anything, but you get my point.


DISASTER will find you if you make repetitive poor choices over an extended period of time. So eating the snickers bar a day versus the apple a day can KILL you!

Don’t wake up one day and wonder where the time went, how the kids got grown without more of your input, or how your body got in this kind of shape.

There’s a 9round Fitness near you! So get off that couch and give it a shot!

And if one those things you don’t want to regret is being a business owner, there’s

  • NO better INDUSTRY
  • NO better time, and

-Kevin “Hurricane” Hudson