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Heather Hudson

The days of flat butts are long gone, (along with feathered bangs!) and instead, a firm curvy butt is now a sought after feature. Are you happy with your rear end or have you been accused of taking the following prescription:

Rx…..No-assitol pills?

If the latter, never fear…the perky butt solution is here!

9Round does not fail to hit that backside, hence perking, firming and lifting that booty! Lunges and squats are automatic butt lifters. These muscles work the legs, yes, but they also target the glutes… big time!

Targeting the glutes, or buttock muscles, is obviously important for a shiny new hiney. When you do squats and lunges, make sure you are keeping form correct. This is critical or you’ll get HALF THE RESULTS, so listen up:

When coming UP from a lung or squat, keep all the weight in the HEELS of your supporting foot or feet. This engages the butt muscles and makes them do the lifting. As you get stronger, you’ll notice you can squeeze your butt muscles all the way down and up, thus, making your butt do 80% of the lifting, and getting a better return on your sweaty investments. I like to think of the butt as two smiles, one on each side. If you focus squeezing those “smiles” going down and up during squats and lunges, you’ll get stronger, faster!

Now, there’s a lot of other ways 9Round disguises butt exercises into the circuit:
Lunge hops and squat hops as well as sidekicks on the heavy bags and butt blasters under the station 7 bag (aka donkey kicks).

Here are a few more upLIFTing tips: when doing sidekicks and donkey kicks, also focus on the HEEL hitting the bag. Your butt will be burning hot! In more ways than one…
When you are doing any squats or lunges with a medicine ball or any weights in your hands (for instance at station 2) remember to go as heavy as you can and still safely and complete the reps with proper form. Heavier weights are going to build more muscle and give you a higher, rounder derriere!

Combining this knowledge with the already amazing full body workouts you’re getting at 9Round could possibly cause side effects such as: extra attention when you’re leaving a room. Remember, full body workouts are key because the smaller your waist and legs, the more your butt muscles will have the chance to stand out and show. A smaller waist emphasizes a great butt, and a proportioned body is really key to make your butt one of your best features. Working all muscles in harmony, and CONSISTENTLY, is the ticket to head to toe confidence. It has worked for me, a mom of two kids and NOT a person genetically gifted in the rear end area!
For glutes that salute, think 9Round!