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Get off the couch and get “Twerking”

Drew Brashier

Are you tired of sitting on the couch, watching your kids play Xbox all day and eating Cheetos? Want to find something that will help you get in better shape without having to get a baby sitter? You might want to try “Twerking”. It’s the newest dance craze coming from Atlanta that is not only a something you can use when you finally get a girls night out, but it is a great total body exercise.

According to Entertainment journalist, Starrene Rhett-Rocque ““Twerking is absolutely fascinating. Most people make it sexual when they see it, but it’s not just about that. The muscle control needed to perfect the art shouldn’t be taken lightly, so hats off to women who can do it. Plus, these women probably have a healthier body image than most women. The booty is a beautiful thing, even Beyoncè figured that out when she decided to pop in her “Dangerously in Love” video,” she said.

Twerking is true total body movement that utilizes your core, legs, back, hips, shoulders and arms. It’s a total body buster. So next time you wonder how Miley Cyrus stays in such great shape even though she may not lead the healthiest lifestyle, remember her motto: “When in doubt, Twerk it out.”