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Keys to a Fit Pregnancy

Heather Hudson

Oh, how I wish I had had 9Round through either of my two pregnancies! Our first 9Round location was not opened until my second child, Jackson, was 1 year old. It has still changed my life, but, I also know that if I had had the ability to work out the 9Round way through those pregnancies, it would have made my recovery easier and much faster! 95% of the time, women who have already been working out can simply continue exactly what they were doing as a fitness routine on through their pregnancy and just modify what no longer feels “good” as they grow larger.

  • avid runners can run through their pregnancy
  • weight lovers, (contrary to some beliefs) can continue lifting most weights.
  • ….and 9Rounders, can most certainly continue on through their 9 months and workout the 9Round way as well!

HINT! - When ask your doctor “Can I kick box throughout my pregnancy?”, your doc is most likely going to stare at you like you’re crazy and say a firm “NO”. Explaining that what you’ll be doing is simply circuit work with lots of body weight exercises, low impact resistance, as well as low kicking and punching (at a pace you feel is comfortable) is a much better explanation of what we actually do! Once your doc gives you the OK, then let’s get to work! NOTE: eventually your kicks will start to be lower and less intense. Crunches for the abs may be something you wish to avoid completely. Jump rope is something many women can do this throughout their entire 9 months!

9Round is actually a low impact workout and is such a great way to keep fit during a pregnancy.

In fact, the women who have worked out at 9Round through their entire 9 months have had a very easy time bouncing back into the clothes they were wearing prior!

Now, we know that during pregnancy is not the time to try and LOSE weight or diet. While “eating for two” does not mean eat junk or tons of it, you don’t want to diet during pregnancy. You DO want to eat healthy and balanced (proteins, healthy carbs and healthy fats) and of course, drink tons of water. But, since we know that weight gain of some sort is inevitable during pregnancy, the focus I recommend is strength. Focusing on strength will keep you from falling victim to “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. Pregnancy is the time to keep at those push-ups, lunges and squats more than ever. Focus on perfect form. This cannot be emphasized enough! You can actually end your pregnancy stronger than when you started if you focus. Push-ups should aim to be done on the toes for as long as possible (the entire 3 trimesters if you can!) As you grow, this does become a bit more difficult, but that’s OK! Go down to the knees if you need to, but again, just keep focus on perfect form. (Hips in line, neutral neck, etc.) If your belly is keeping you from being able to do go down far enough, then grab two stable chairs and put your hands on the seats so that you belly can go between the chairs. Squats and lunges will keep your leg strength up. This is so important, because strong legs and hips make for an easier delivery. They also are one of your largest “fat burners”(the largest muscles burn the most fat) for after baby, to help you bounce back from delivery as fast as possible. The more muscle mass you have at delivery, the easier your post-delivery recovery will be! Remember, form is key! So, keep the weight in your heels always, pushing up through the heels and aiming to keep the chest up. If your back starts to round forward, you're not ready to squat that low yet. On lunges, the front foot is the heel you focus on pushing from as you're lunging. Again, focus on keeping that chest up and back  as straight as possible. Many, many moms have fallen victim to the belief that after each kid, recovery gets tougher and tougher. Even more people believe that it’s not possible to ever be back in your pre-baby shape after kids.

Nothing is further from the truth.

I am a mother of two. From my fitness journey, I am actually stronger than I was in high school and I am also the same size that I was in high school.

It is possible. It is realistic. It just requires focusing on the right things. Think also of the great example you are setting for your kids as they watch you rocking out the healthy lifestyle with them!

Keep it kicking, 9Round Moms! We salute you!