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Justin Hammerstrom

Thanks for reading my last post! I want to change gears a bit. We talked lots about high school athletes. Let’s talk about those teens who haven’t found a particular team or club. This is very common. It is important to give these teens options to stay fit. They may not be involved in school athletics for many reasons. It could be they didn’t make the team, they are too shy, or they don’t have the time.

It is important to eliminate the excuses. When good exercise habits are formed in the early teen years, the healthier life will be in the future. I hear from heart patients all the time. ”I have been exercising and eating well for the last 3 years I don’t understand why I have heart trouble”. It took me a little time to figure this out. Finally it dawned on me.

Here is an example.
My buddy Dana had a heart attack when he was 53. At age 38-49 he ate terribly and didn’t exercise. When he turned 50 he changed his attitude and started exercising and eating great. Then came the heart attack. Get it?

I know I just took you 10 miles to go around the block to explain my point. My point is that a body in motion stays in motion. If you brush your teeth when you are in middle school then stop when you get to high school, you know what will happen. It’s the same thing with exercising.

We all know when we hit a certain age our crazy metabolism just doesn't burn like it used to. And all of a sudden we aren’t looking so hot. Think about the things you do every day. Many of them you have been doing for years; anything from tying your shoes to taking a shower. We teach our kids lots of good habits. Let’s get exercising in the habits. It is the habit that will make life easier.

Here is the tricky part, but I have the solution all set for you. The solution is 9Round!!! Our system is for all. Athletes, non Athletes, shy people, big, tall, short and small. In fact lots of our trainers are previous members with awesome fitness success stories.

Our trainers understand how to make people comfortable and our members quickly become addicted to our workout. So this is the answer, this is the big secret, this is the formula, 9Round+ TEENS= GREAT LIFELONG HABITS, GOOD HEALTH and HAPPY PEOPLE. Come into 9Round and check out our summer specials.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to helping you form good habits.

-Justin Hammerstrom