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How to Play It Safe in the Summer Sun

You can feel it in the air. Summer is almost here, and soon everyone will be enjoying the outside world once again. Many of us may even take our fitness routines outside to enjoy the weather and the scenery. We can start swimming and hiking again, not to mention running and walking outside is now an option. While there are many benefits to getting some sun, you need to ensure that you do not get too much. There is a very thin line between a good amount of sun and too much sun, and you need to understand how much you can tolerate before you actually do your body some major harm.


Get the recommended amount

It is actually good to get some sun. We can get Vitamin D from the sun, which can help boost our immune system and bone strength. The sun gives us energy, which can also help us achieve a better night's sleep. It also helps us with our mood because it increases the amount of serotonin, one of the body's feel good hormones. It comes as no surprise that there are rehabs available for people who seem to be addicted to sun bathing these days. The sun can make your mind, body and spirit feel so much better. Most researchers believe that you should get about fifteen minutes of sun a day without sunscreen, but be careful that you do not overdo it.


Pick the proper sunscreen

You need to pick a sunscreen that will block UVA and UVB rays. These may also be labeled as broad-spectrum UV coverage. You may also need to choose a sunscreen that is waterproof or sweatproof depending on what you are doing. You should look for a sunscreen that contains zinc and also check the label to make sure that the sunscreen does not have any chemicals or other ingredients you may be allergic to. You should try to stay away from sunscreens that contain Vitamin A and PABA (Para-aminobenzoic acid) because they are harmful for your skin.


Make sure you get every spot

It is easy to forget to put sunscreen on certain parts of our bodies. I would always forget to put it on the tops of my feet, and you know what would happen. My feet would be the only spot sunburned. The most common spots that people seem to miss are the ears, scalp and lips. Many doctors feel as if this may be one of the major reasons we are seeing a rise in skin cancer cases. If you are going to need sunscreen it is best to remember to buy some sort of lip balm with an SPF factor of at least thirty and some sunscreen spray for your scalp. If you do not want to spray your scalp you could try wearing a hat when you go out.


Stay hydrated

Anytime you spend a prolonged period of time in the sun you need to stay hydrated. You have to make sure you drink plenty of fluids to remain hydrated. It can be a frightening experience if you become dehydrated and will most certainly ruin your fun and relaxing day. There are many symptoms you should look out for, such as becoming dizzy, being unable to breathe or fainting. So, in order to enjoy your time in the sun always have water at hand to avoid these symptoms.


It can be fun being able to go out and enjoying the nice summer weather. However, you need to remember to play it safe and take special precautions when you are in the sun and high heat. It could put a damper on any type of event you are planning and cause serious problems in the long run. Just remember to play it safe while you are enjoying your outside summer routines.