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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


3469 Fort Meade Road (Maryland City Plaza)
Laurel, Maryland 20724


  • Versatility and different workouts daily. I also get pushed further than I would than on my own.
    - January 09, 2019 by Ivan Augenstein
  • awesome place, great trainers, hard and effective
    - January 07, 2019 by H.P.
  • Short duration, works the whole body, stress reliever
    - January 05, 2019 by C.L.
  • I LOVE the intensity of the workout & having the trainer there to push you to your fullest potential!
    - January 05, 2019 by Tanesha Ellis
  • The trainer doesn’t allow you to give up on yourself. They always encourage you to push through and it makes you see results faster in my opinion.
    - January 04, 2019 by V.B.
  • I love going to 9round. Always a positive and fulfilling experience.
    - December 24, 2018 by T.S.C.
  • All over workout, change in workout and trainers that push you
    - December 12, 2018 by S.L.W.O.
  • The personal trainers are awesome.
    - December 10, 2018 by Dawn Richarz
  • The effective and efficient workout that I get in 30mins just right to do during lunch
    - November 12, 2018 by M.P.
  • 9 round changes the traditional group class/ personal trainer format. The best part is the flexibility I have with my schedule. I don't need to worry about miss a class time and being charged for. I can work out at whatever time is best for me even if the time changes everyday.
    - November 08, 2018 by A.S.
  • Great workout, only 30 minutes, Convenient location, open on sundays
    - November 05, 2018 by S.J.
  • Great variation of workout routes!
    - October 27, 2018 by B.M.
  • Friendly staff who provide quality one on one support in a clean and safe environment
    - October 21, 2018 by E.F.
  • The workouts are always changing and the longest i ever have to wait to get started is 3 minutes!
    - October 15, 2018 by A.D.
  • I like that it is non stop and the instructors focus on each person. Plus the other members are friendly, love 9round going on 3 years
    - October 10, 2018 by Ben Moyer
  • The ability to get a high intensity workout with the guidance of a trainer in a short period of time!
    - October 03, 2018 by Tanesha Ellis
  • I love the workouts and trainers
    - September 27, 2018 by Kelly Cremona
  • I love it here. The staff pushes you and are very friendly.
    - September 20, 2018 by Veronica Alexis
  • The trainers are great, the rounds are always changing, and it’s always a super positive environment. I look forward to coming back every time.
    - August 30, 2018 by Felicia Tome
  • AAA- I love the individual attention, atmosphere and all the staff
    - August 09, 2018 by Jajuana Brown
  • Each day is a different workout, so you are never bored. Trainers are there to help and motivate you to keep going.
    - August 08, 2018 by Monica Ellis
  • Trainers lead the session. I want to get the most out of my session.
    - August 04, 2018 by Stacey Jordan
  • I like that everyday is a new workout and you are in and out in 30 minutes or so!
    - August 03, 2018 by B.F.B.
  • It is awesome
    - August 03, 2018 by D.E.
  • The workouts are tough but I'm getting results. The trainers are firm but pleasant and encouraging.
    - July 26, 2018 by S.K.
  • The best workout ever! I love that I am never rushing to get to a designated class time. It works best for my world and schedule. In 30 minutes, you walk out knowing that you worked your body from head to toe. The mental and physical challenge is a reason to celebrate when you're done. The trainers are give tough love and are super motivating.
    - July 24, 2018 by L.C.
  • Workout is great, trainers are very knowledgeable and professional
    - July 24, 2018 by E.F.
  • The really make sure you able to do all your workout. It really challenging.
    - July 20, 2018 by H.B.
  • No class times, the workout always changes, there’s always a trainer there to work with and push me, and it’s a set amount of time to workout!
    - July 19, 2018 by E.M.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Mahmood "Motivator" Anwar
    Owner/Operator/Manager etc etc 20+ years of personal participation in varied fitness regimen. Very passionate to help others achieve their goals, while having tons of fun and the weight keeps coming down !!!
  • 9Round trainer
    Ricky "Rick" Jackson
    Co-owner of 9Round Laurel, certified Trainer, IT guru !
  • 9Round trainer
    Bruce "THE FLASH" Baskerville
    United States Marine Corp Veteran into DC Police Officer. Now serving my community through my personal favorite; Health and Fitness. I am dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals through fitness, nutrition, and improved mindset.
  • 9Round trainer
    Jalen "PLAYMAKER" McGill
    A playmaker on the football field with aspirations of growing to the next level. I enjoy incorporating the talents and skills I've learned over the years into the best kickboxing workout around.