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An orthopedic doctor has a lesser chance of killing you than a cardiac doctor!

Kevin Hudson

People all the time give me excuses of why they can’t make it to the gym. I understand that! I’ve got my own excuses and I’m gonna keep using them. One thing that keeps me motivated, especially as I get older it the health benefits of working out. As a former world champion kickboxer and professional fighter I always had something to motivate me-BEING THE BEST! There was always the next fight, the next level, or the next person wanting to knock my block off.

As I’ve gotten older and no longer compete sometimes the motivation just isn’t the same. Now I’ve had to find a new motivator. In my life, as a martial artist, I’ve used levels or belts as a motivator. I’ve used passed performances as motivators. For instance, I use to be able to do this, wonder if I could still do that. I’ve used the clock as a motivator, take off running and try to beat the time you ran last run. I’ve used stress as a motivator. Something was really bugging me and I took out my frustration on the bag, worked up a good sweat and felt better.

For the average person who gets involved in 9round, health would be one of the top ones. Obviously, stress is another huge one. I read somewhere recently that stress actually is one of the leading causes of disease in our country. Stress leads to stomach problems, sleep disorders, and of course heart problems. One of my friends who practices Chinese martial arts always speaks of how terrible stress is on blood flow and of course chi flow. Your energy won’t flow if you don’t go. I know as we age our list of lost friends tends to get larger with every passing year. We lose friends to sickness, death, or a combination of both.

We only get one body and it’s our job to keep it as fit as possible. My kickboxing and conditioning coach Randy, always told me, ‘When you get older, you’re either going to see an orthopedic doctor or a heart doctor. I think I’ll take my chances with the orthopedic.’