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Exercise for What?

Heather Hudson

90% of our members come to 9Round to lose weight or inches. This is a very noteworthy goal and you definitely get this when you workout with us at 9Round.

The fun thing is, there are side perks that you receive when you get really 'into' a fitness program. One of them is the craving for more. What do I mean by that?

I mean that feeling that you actually WANT to workout because flat out makes you feel better. Period.

I encourage you to workout for your sanity, not just vanity. 


I love this phrase that I heard recently and it hits home for many. There are many destructive ways people deal with stress: overeating, drinking alcohol, vegging out with hours of TV, or worse; lashing out or just being an awful person to be around.

Studies show that exercise is an excellent way to "get it out" in a healthy way. Even better, a regular routine of exercise has a preventative effect against anger and stress. Less stress in the first place? Sign me up!

Side note: As hectic as my schedule is, I wouldn't want to know myself if regular exercise wasn't such a regular part of my life!...

If you haven't been able to find the motivation to exercise and eat right as a weight loss goal or a healthy heart goal, try it just for your sanity. We all face stress each day. Do yourself a favor and release it, the healthy way!