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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


1506 S. Reynolds Rd
Maumee, Ohio 43537


  • Great, fast workout!
    - August 04, 2018 by J.S.I.A.S.
  • No class times which works great with my work schedule and the trainer will help you with whatever ur goals are.
    - July 27, 2018 by Krystal "Pistol" Kucera
  • I love Steve the owner at Maumee.
    - July 27, 2018 by S.M.D.S.
  • The flexibility to workout. Of course Steve the owner / trainer who truly cares about his clientele.
    - July 20, 2018 by Terria "Tree Down" Saunders
  • Attention to proper form, no class times, 30 minute work out
    - July 20, 2018 by Gwen Weber
  • non formal workout time...can go whenever I have the time and get my workout in.
    - July 20, 2018 by Mary "MKG" Gies
  • The challenging and varying to nds with trainer on hand.
    - July 18, 2018 by Therese "T" Merchant
  • Personal, excercise modofied to my level, motivational.
    - July 13, 2018 by Pedro "Trident" Roca
  • No scheduled time/classes. Great workout and fun. Trainers do a good job and modify as needed to get the most out of your workout.
    - July 12, 2018 by B.S.A.
  • I love the supportive 9Round family.
    - July 10, 2018 by Caitlin "Stone" Brandesky
  • I love that it is a different workout every time I go.
    - July 06, 2018 by Rachel "Punching Princess" Williams
  • Love the workout and it is great how awesome of workout you get in a short time!
    - July 06, 2018 by R.R.W.
  • I love that every workout is different. I can kick my own butt and my trainer is there every day to push me.
    - July 03, 2018 by C.M.P.
  • It's different and I enjoy that
    - May 03, 2018 by J.S.I.A.S.
  • Learning how to hit the bags without hurting myself.
    - April 25, 2018 by B.I.R.A.
  • Every time I walk through the 9round doors, I receive the most welcoming greetings from Steve! He's the absolutely best—the energy, the commitment. There's a lot that I can learn from him as a boxer and an individual! I've already introduced 3 of my coworkers to join, 2 out of three are a member of 9round. I'm going to 9round today..AGAIN! Thank you for reading! Olivia Kim
    - April 18, 2018 by Olivia "Fun Size" Kim
  • The work outs are great! They change everyday and are way better than going to a “regular” gym. 9Round actually makes it fun to work out.
    - April 14, 2018 by J.D.B.M.
  • Family and motivating atmosphere. Steve is an awesome guy. Always supportive and positive. Best place I have worked out at.
    - April 13, 2018 by J.J.J.C.
  • The trainers are amazing and wonderful people. They really add to the workout with their support and humor!!
    - April 12, 2018 by L.F.B.S.S.
  • I like the 30 minutes and that it's different everytime. Also, I like the owner and the people.
    - April 12, 2018 by J.J.P.
  • Love the workout. Love the owner. Love not having to schedule a time to workout or wait. Quick, effective, fun 30 minute workout that leaves me sweating
    - April 12, 2018 by Letha "Lethal" Zielinski
  • I love the one on one training with the trainers, the rounds are intense but fun!
    - April 12, 2018 by M.C.
  • Great staff. Challenging workouts and fun at the same time. No class times...flexible for difficult schedules. Great place to de-stress and lose weight.
    - April 11, 2018 by Bryan "Swamp" Autullo
  • 9Round Maumee has changed my life. I have lost 35 pounds and I love to work out. I feel better and I look amazing. Thanks to Steve who pushed me, and believed in me.
    - April 11, 2018 by Jill "JB" Brenner
  • The workouts are fun and challenging. I have noticed a difference in my muscle tone. I enjoy the company of other members when we workout together!
    - April 11, 2018 by Mary "MKG" Gies
  • The best thing about 9Round Maumee has to be the family atmosphere Steve has created! He greets everyone by name with a smile and makes sure everyone is welcome and pushed to reach their personal goals regardless of fitness level. This is the best gym family I have ever been a part of (and I've belonged to a lot of gyms!)....Love it!!
    - April 09, 2018 by Andrea "Anvil" Wells
  • The workout is planned so it doesnt take any effort to think about what you have to do. The trainers are upbeat and personable and enjoyable to be around. The other members are nonjudgmental and easy to make relationships with while working out.
    - April 09, 2018 by M.P.C.L.
  • I love that's its a great workout in 30 mins
    - April 07, 2018 by A.R.B.
  • The people and the workout!
    - April 07, 2018 by Megan "Salsa" Johnson
  • Quick and convenient
    - April 07, 2018 by J.C.C.R.
  • No micro managing my workout but a trainer on hand if needed. Friendly clean smart set up.
    - April 06, 2018 by T.T.M.
  • I love that the workout is different, but challenging, everyday. I'm never bored!
    - April 05, 2018 by Rachel "Punching Princess" Williams
  • Great work out every time! And I love that I can go at anytime!
    - April 05, 2018 by Tina "The Cannon" Cannon
  • The owner aka my trainer. Steve makes it a family.
    - April 05, 2018 by M.M.T.
  • There's no class times. I can go whenever fits my schedule best.
    - April 04, 2018 by Krystal "Pistol" Kucera
  • I love the flexibility of going whenever I have time, and not on a schedule. I also love the variety of exercises, and that I don't have to think about what to do - the work is already done for me! And that it is only 30 minutes - it makes if very doable, and difficult to find an excuse not to go!
    - April 04, 2018 by Susan "Professor" Lippens
  • It is fun and quick! I am building strength each workout!
    - April 04, 2018 by R.R.W.
  • I absolutely love going to work out at 9Round Maumee! Steve, the trainer, is great at motivating me and adapting the workout for my physical needs. I look forward to working out now. So happy that I found Steve at 9Round Maumee.
    - April 04, 2018 by Janice Amos
  • Convenient, complete, caring. I love the convenience of exercises on my time. I love that I am working out all parts of my body without the same routine. I love have personal attention from the trainers.
    - April 04, 2018 by J.P.B.
  • Different all the time, challenging, just show up
    - April 04, 2018 by Shelly "Bone Crusher" Burkey
  • I love 9Round! I love everything about it. I enjoy that there are not class times and that the circuit always changes. And Steve is the best!!
    - April 02, 2018 by Amy Taylor
  • 1. How the workouts change every day and never get boring 2. Guidance of Steve Richie (trainer/owner) 3. Other people that workout there are very nice
    - April 02, 2018 by E.M.C.W.
  • 30 minute workout is just what I need for my busy family life. Great workout. Great trainers. Great 9round friends. Perfect for me!
    - April 02, 2018 by Michelle "Princess of Pain" Moses

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Steve "The Beast" Richie
    As an owner I am dedicated to helping everyone achieve their fitness goals 9 Rounds at a time. I believe in fun and fitness!!! As a former boxer many years ago, I will always make sure your form is correct so that you get the best possible workout. Let me know what your fitness goals are and together we will achieve them.