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Kickboxing for Weight Loss in the New Year

Many people set their New Year goals and one of the main ones is to get in shape.  Here are some basic tips about new year goals to help 9Round clients stay on track.

1.  Write more specific goals - Don't just say "Get in Shape",  that is too broad.  You need to say "I am going to lose 25 lbs of body fat by June 1.  This is more specific and sets a deadline.

2.  Have a Map - Even a pirate has a map, it will tell you how to reach the treasure (weight loss).  Map out your workouts, meals, bedtimes, and when you wake up.  Make it a system: where and what you'll eat at 7am, what and where to eat at 10am, workout at 12:30, what and where to eat after wards...etc.  Pilots and surgeons don't just fly by the seat of their pants and neither should you.

3.  Set your goals where you can see them every morning - This will remind you of what is really important for the day.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Keep those goals where you can SEE them.

4.  Say them out loud everyday - Sounds silly, but it works. Say them out load and pretend you already have achieved it with 100% faith that it will happen.

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