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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


449 Amherst Street Unit 7
Nashua, New Hampshire 03063


  • I like that the workout changes every day also no set class time.
    - November 24, 2018 by M.L.
  • i love working out at the 9 round in nashua nh ! its fun, fast and effective trainers are motivating and so helpful 5 stars!!
    - November 13, 2018 by Kerry Rogers
  • Like I always say. The whole 9Round experience is awesome. I don't think I could pick out one thing. The trainers are awesome. Motivational without being a drill sargent.
    - November 04, 2018 by Tony Giordano
  • You're in and out in 30 minutes with a great workout and the exercises change each day do it's never boring and the trainers are awesome!
    - October 30, 2018 by Jennifer Ferreira
  • Best aerobic exercise program around. Never boring!
    - October 25, 2018 by W.F.
  • Not being able to slack off as I usually might.
    - October 21, 2018 by D.G.
  • 9Round is the best workout ever!
    - October 14, 2018 by Brian Alden
  • I enjoy.. the 9 different stations..not too long at any one station
    - October 10, 2018 by M.S.
  • No class times
    - October 06, 2018 by B.F.
  • Intensity of the workout and no class times
    - October 04, 2018 by Paul Gagne
  • This is a kick ass workout!! I love that I can go whenever I want and get the 1:1 attention and motivation that I need!
    - October 03, 2018 by Sarah Finigan
  • The no class times. Very easy to go on my schedule
    - September 21, 2018 by C.D.
  • Trainers are very patient and understanding. Workout feels amazing and love the Pulse heart rate monitor to achieve maximum results.
    - September 18, 2018 by M.M.
  • It may be a quick as far as time - But the workouts are like going through a hour long session. I have never sweated this much in the time frame allowed. I love it!
    - September 18, 2018 by Ron Burgess
  • The fast pace workout! Reinforcement/encouragement. You sweat-a lot! And it’s fun!
    - September 11, 2018 by T.G.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Michele "Boss Lady" Castellucci
    I am pleased to bring 9Round to people in the Nashua area in order to achieve my mission of improving health outcomes. My team and I will help our members realize that they are in charge of the direction of their health. Simply by becoming a 9Round member (aka. "9Rounder"), we will provide you with the best workout on the planet! Every human needs an exercise program that is efficient and sustainable, and that IS 9Round! Get your fitness done right in a lot less time than traditional ways of working out with the 9Round 30 minute fitness circuit! Our rates are much more affordable compared to "other" trainer led programs! A trainer is key if you want guaranteed results! All you need to do is show up for 3 workouts per week!
  • 9Round trainer
    Alexandra "Alex" Bosquet
    Alex has been a fan of 9Round since she first tried it at 9Round Milford in June 2017. She has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Endicott College and is an ACE certified personal trainer, a licensed Zumba instructor, and now a trainer at 9Round! Alex is currently working towards a degree in nursing at Rivier University.
  • 9Round trainer
    Victoria "VIP" Poulin
    Victoria started out a a 9Round member. She is a student at Salem State University and trains our members during weekends and school breaks. She loves to do her 9Round workouts as well as help our members reach their fitness goals 9 rounds at a time! Come and see her if you want a great workout!
  • 9Round trainer
    Jojo "Jojo 8 Jab" Collins
    I am a Nashua native and raised my 2 daughters in the city. I have coached field hockey and lacrosse at Nashua High South. 9Round presents me with the opportunity to help others feel as great as I do in just 30 minutes a day! I enjoy the sense of community at 9Round, which keeps me connected to my hometown. I love the outdoors, especially kayaking. I enjoy and appreciate great food and drink having previously been in the restaurant industry for 30 years. Recently I became a "Main-E-Ack" traveling from southern Maine to lead sweat therapy sessions at 9Round in Nashua. In addition to changing lives at 9Round, I wear many hats: UPS and Realtor with KW. Come spend just 2 % of your day with me and get a 100% commitment in return!
  • 9Round trainer
    Savannah "Dancin' Queen" Lockwood
    Hey everyone! My name is Savannah and I started my journey at 9Round in 2016 and I haven't looked back since. I enjoy music of all kinds, being outside, the ocean and hiking. I want to help people reach their goals and feel confident!
  • 9Round trainer
    Renee Norris-Davidson
    Renee's journey in the fitness world began 12 years ago when she committed to make a life change, lose over 60 pounds and get in shape. Today, Renee is an avid runner, 9Rounder and Certified 9Round Trainer. She is passionate about motivating others to achieve their fitness goals.
  • 9Round trainer
    Steve "Tiger Blood" Mulloy
    I have 20 years of martial arts experience-with a simple philosophy: Be Better Every Day. I look forward to delivering sweat worthy training sessions to our 9Round members every time!
  • 9Round trainer
    Tiffany "Titanium54" Woodger
    I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Twin Toddler Boy Mama. I left the hustle and bustle of the 50 hour work week for Mom and the Fitness World when the boys turned 1. My favorite activities outside the gym are softball, hiking, and Obstacle Course races; this year I'm running my first half marathon, as well as completing my first Spartan Trifecta. As a former martial artist, I really enjoy the high intensity, circuit style of the 9Round workout and enjoy helping people feel stronger and ready to tackle the chaos of the outside world after just 30 minutes!

Local News and Events

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    03 Sep 2018 | by Michele & Joseph Castellucci
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