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9Round Fitness
449 Amherst Street Unit 7
Nashua, New Hampshire 03063

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9Round Fitness
449 Amherst Street Unit 7
Nashua, New Hampshire 03063


9Round works because it includes everything you need: a full-body workout that's fast, effective and fun... personal trainers to help you... and expert nutritional guidance. And it's all based on the latest exercise and nutritional science.

It is perfect for people who want an unique, fun, and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens.

About Our Location

Our 9Round 30 minute fitness circuit is located in north Nashua, convenient to both surrounding residential communities as well a our local Amherst Street/101A area business communities.

We are located in Amherst Plaza along with Pig Tale and T-Mobile.

Our 30 minute H.I.I.T. , kick box themed workout is the most affordable, effective and sustainable trainer included fitness program!

Our small studio is the perfect setting for getting the attention and the results you deserve without "going it alone" at a big box discount gym or paying a lot higher rates for personal training!

We guarantee results if you show up and workout with our 9Round trainers a minimum of 3 times each week!

If your health is worth more than $10, $20 or $50 a month, it's time for you to invest in your health at 9Round for less than $100 per month!

What is your health worth and how bad do you want results that will improve your health?

Shop and compare rates at other trainer based fitness studios or for trainer rates at the discount big box gyms!

You'll come right back to 9Round for the best value, experience and results!


9Round Certified Trainers

  • 9Round trainer
    Michele "Boss Lady" Castellucci
    I am pleased to bring 9Round to people in the Nashua area in order to achieve my mission of improving health outcomes. My team and I will help our members realize that they are in charge of the direction of their health. Simply by becoming a 9Round member (aka. "9Rounder"), we will provide you with the best workout on the planet! Every human needs an exercise program that is efficient and sustainable, and that IS 9Round! Get your fitness done right in a lot less time than traditional ways of working out with the 9Round 30 minute fitness circuit! Our rates are much more affordable compared to "other" trainer led programs! A trainer is key if you want guaranteed results! All you need to do is show up for 3 workouts per week!
  • 9Round trainer
    Anthony "Superman" Castellucci
    If you are ready for an awesome workout, come on down to 9Round Nashua! I have nothing but passion and excitement for the 9Round fitness model, you may even catch me doing the workout with you! I have had a longtime passion for fitness and people, with many years of customer service experience, and well over 1000 miles on my road bicycle. If you were to find me on a day off, I'd be sitting on the couch with a craft beer in one hand and an Xbox controller in the other. See you soon!
  • 9Round trainer
    Heather "Wonderwoman" Barisano
    Fitness has been an important part of my life and I am grateful that I get to share it with others and empower them along their journeys through 9round. I enjoy other activities such as running and yoga but my 9Round workouts are always the most fun. Even my daughter has fun working out with me! I have been at 9Round since August 2016. The community is much like a family and I have met some of my closest friends through 9Round. I'm always down for a partner workout or a game night (with wine of course), just ask!
  • 9Round trainer
    Tyler "Green Arrow" Bourque
    I'm passionate about living a healthy life style. I've been training MMA for the past 3 years and competed in numerous grappling tournaments as well as getting prepared for cage fighting. On a normal day, you'll be able to find me training or playing guitar.
  • 9Round trainer
    Chris "The King" Traylor
    I enjoy a wide variety of workouts. I'm motivated for anything that keeps me on my toes and challenges my skill and fitness level. I love to travel the world for food!
  • 9Round trainer
    Victoria "Victorip" Poulin
    Victoria started as a 9Round member! She love to help our members achieve their fitness goals 9 rounds at a time. Outside of 9Round, she is a student at Salem State University majoring in Art. She works at 9Round on weekends and school breaks. She will motivate you to work out in your ideal effort level for the best results! Come and see her!

Member Reviews

  • I came to 9round because I can never make a "regularly scheduled" class, but I need the motivation of working out with other people. I got a lot more than I bargained for! The 9round trainers are awesome and motivating, and I've realized how much I need these workouts and how much more in shape I *could* be. I love how every week there is a new CHOW, and every day there are new challenges. You can't get bored with this! If you love a challenge, this is for you :)

  • Love the convenience of being able walk in at any point and not have to wait for a class or be on a trainers schedule. Just jump right in and get a great 30 min workout. The heart rate monitoring is awesome as well. No guessing as to whether or not you are pushing yourself enough the system shows you and the staff. I burn 600 cal(140 meps) every visit.

  • Great gym, the staff is very helpful and enthusiastic, and they care about the people that come into the gym. The workouts are challenging but fun and you feel great afterwards!

  • I've never been a person who enjoyed working out, but I knew I needed to start doing something to better myself. I met Michele at a bridal expo and she explained the concept and signed me up for a free class. It kicked my butt and I realized how out of shape I really was, but I decided to stick it out. I've been a member for about 2 months and I can honestly say I look forward to going to the gym. All of the trainers welcome you by name as soon as you walk in. They boost your self esteem and help you prove to yourself that you can do it no matter where you're at with your fitness journey.

  • Joining 9Round was the best decision I made. I have tried other gyms but always got bored with building up my own routine or waiting for a particular class to start. 9Round offers a 30 minute workout that can be started anytime you arrive and varies every day. I find it challenging and rewarding.

  • I started at 9Round after getting tired of a boring work out at Planet Fitness. I am only on my 3rd month however I am glad I joined. The staff at my local gym are fun and very motivating.

Local News and Events

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    16 Nov 2017 | by Michele & Joseph Castellucci
    IF YOU SHOW UP* (3X/WEEK) WE DELIVER RESULTS YOU WANT AND DESERVE! At 9Round Fitness Nashua, our mission is to improve h...
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