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Don't Let This Be You.....

Drew Brashier

I think at one point or another we have all tried the “traditional” gym.  The problem with a standard “big box” gym is that the average person doesn't really know how to use the equipment.  Obviously if you don’t know what you are doing, you have to pay the extra money for a personal trainer.  The other option is trying to figure it out for yourself and running the risk of ending up on the internet like this poor guy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think that machines and weights have their place.  The issue is that the average person either doesn't have the knowledge, time, money, or the desire to learn how to use them properly.  Another big issue in the “big box” is that you have to spend so much time there to get a good workout.  In some cases you have to spend hours to really feel like you are doing something.  Sometimes a busy lifestyle makes it tough to spend hours at a time on a tread mill or in a class.  Now granted, a lot of guys enjoy having the gym time to do their flex and flirt routine for all of the ladies who are absolutely not interested.  But let’s be honest, most of us would rather have that extra time to do something that is actually productive.

Studies have shown that high intensity interval training is one of the most effective methods of exercise.  By upping the intensity of your workouts, you are able to cut your time spent in the gym plus increase the results.  Seriously, who wouldn't want better results in less time?  Rather than spending an hour in the gym on a tread mill or on a machine, why not spend 30 minutes in beast mode and get it done.

An intense 30 minute boxing/kickboxing workout, mixed with some body weight exercises is a great way to begin to start seeing they type of real results that you want to see.  Plus, there is no stress reliever like punching a heavy bag.

AAANNND  I’ve never seen anyone folded in half by a punching bag………………