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March Madness: Bust Your Gut, Not Your Bracket

March Madness: Bust Your Gut, Not Your Bracket

Jen Jones

Let’s get real here for a minute and talk about basketball, beer, and bar food. That’s right, March Madness is upon us and the struggle to make fitness a priority is very, very real. Americans drink an estimated 220 million gallons of beer, devour over 120 million chicken wings, and inhale 55 million slices of pizza over the course of the NCAA basketball tournament! So how do we balance wings and workouts, brackets and beer, and still come out a winner?

Get Fit, Not Fat
Drinking games have their time and place, but we’ve got a better (read: healthier!) way to watch your bracket and your waistline. Rather than raising a glass for every dunk, three-pointer and game-winning bucket, how about a few front kicks, planks, or burpees instead? We don’t recommend this if you’re watching from a Buffalo Wild Wings, but if you’re watching the action unfold at home, check out the 9Round March Madness Fitness Challenge! We’ve combined basketball and 9Round to create an interactive March Madness experience that will help you stay fit in the postseason.

Make Substitutions
The basketball court isn’t the only place where substitutions are required to bring home a win. Whether you’re enjoying the games at home or at the pub around the corner, there are smarter nutritional choices that you can make without ruining the party! We’ve given you a few ideas below for some healthy substitutions, and 9Round members can access even more great nutrition tips and recipe ideas in their online member portal.


Take a TV Time-Out
It’s easy to get swept up in the thrill of March Madness, we get it, you don’t want to miss a minute of the action. But setting aside just 30 minutes for a workout can help wipe out some of those dietary indiscretions. Fortunately for you, 9Round has perfected the model on 30-minute, gut busting workouts that will have you burning maximum calories in just three sessions a week! You can easily fit a workout in between games, or on off-days and keep your fitness on-track this postseason. 9Round trainers, PULSE™ heart rate tracking technology, and the online member portal (full of fitness tips and nutritional information) will help you blast those Final Four pounds, reach the Sweet 16, and beyond! Now is a great time to stop in and try your first 9Round workout for free.