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How to Stay Active During Your Summer Vacation

How to Stay Active During Your Summer Vacation

Summer is starting to wind down, and the kids are dreading going back to school. You only have a few weeks left to get your summer vacation in, and you can not wait to take a break from it all. However, while you are on vacation, it may seem easy to get off track with a lot of things, especially your fitness routine. There are plenty of things you can do on vacation that can be fun and still keep you active. It is important to find a few ways to get some sort of physical activity while on vacation, and we have gathered a few tips to help you do this.


Take a walk, run or ride a bike
Most of us like to drive everywhere we go; however, you can get in some exercise and take it a little bit slower on your vacation by walking, running or riding a bike. You can get up early and take a nice invigorating run on the beach. During the day, you and your significant other can take a romantic bike ride and have a picnic, or you and your family can have some fun riding your bikes along the trails. You can take a nice relaxing walk on the beach at night. The cool breeze and the smell of the ocean is sure to entice just about anyone to walk longer than they normally would. These are great ways to take in some new sights and get in a little bit of exercise, while enjoying your vacation.


Look for fun physical activities
There are many different types of physical activities you can participate in while on vacation. It really depends on where you go and how hard you are willing to look. If you visit the beach, you could try scuba diving, going out on paddle boards, an impromptu game of beach volleyball and, of course, swimming. If you like to go camping in the woods, you could try canoeing down the river, rock climbing or hiking. Wherever you plan to visit, there is always something fun and exciting that can keep you active. Anything where you can have fun and still get your heart rate up is the way to go, and your body and your family will be thanking you for the great times.


Discover the local gyms
When you decide on a place for your vacation try to see if any local gyms are nearby. Usually, your hotel will have one onsite at no cost to you. This can be really convenient for you and allow you the chance to use any available free time to quickly slip away and get in a few minutes of workout time. Check to see if there is a local 9Round in your area! They usually have a pass for just a day if you need that. If there is no 9Round in your area, never fear! There are still plenty of exercises you can do that do not require any equipment. You can walk or jog around the hotel property or forgo the elevator and take the stairs. You can also do some jumping jacks, planks, burpees or push ups in your room.


    Summer can be the best time to get away from it all. Many of us look forward to and enjoy the extra time we have available to relax and enjoy our vacation. However, just because we like to relax and leave our hectic schedules at home while on our vacation, it does not mean that we have to leave our fitness routines at home. So, get out there and enjoy your summer vacation but find ways to stay active and fit at the same time.