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Transform Your Fitness / Kickboxing Routine

Kickboxing is a fighting technique that combines martial arts style kicks with boxing style punches. The two workouts alone are extreme and vigorous. However, when you add them together, you can go to a whole new level. It allows you to work the whole body not just the lower or upper body. It works the upper and lower body together, which causes the core to get into the workout. This gives you a full body workout in one fitness routine. You can transform your boring everyday workout sessions by adding kickboxing to it, and the many benefits associated with kickboxing will follow. Believe me, the pluses associated with kickboxing will far outweigh your sweaty aches. You will add some fun to your workout by throwing in some kicks and punches and see changes in your body and fitness level almost instantly.



    Do you have a form of stretching in your fitness routine? Most people have some form of stretching in their fitness routine, but some may skip it a few times or altogether. When you do not have a reason to stretch it can easily be looked over or done in haste, losing all the benefits of stretching. In kickboxing it is necessary to stretch. You will be practicing movements you have never done and using muscles you did not even know you had. In order to avoid injury, you will have to make sure you stretch correctly.



    The boxing aspect of kickboxing ensures you will get to throw some punches, like a quick jab or upper cut. Kickboxing uses heavy bags, speed bags and pads in each workout. You will get to throw different combinations of punches to workout different areas of your upper body, including the shoulders, chest and upper and lower arms. It is a great way to tone those problem areas in your upper body while getting in shape. You can increase the speed of these punches or add weights to really get your heart pumping.



    The martial arts aspect in kickboxing allows you to kick your way to a new you. The three main kicks are front, side and roundhouse. In kickboxing you can kick heavy bags, punching dummies or people wearing pads. As a beginner, you may need to get some more flexibility to be able to kick the bags or pads. It is up to you to listen to your body, but it can be more fun to have something to kick and gives you added resistance. One benefit to kickboxing is that the entire leg is used in each kick because you need to focus on your stance and balance throughout the kick. This focus will lead you to quickly toning those leg muscles.


Your Core

    The core of your body includes the abs and back muscles, also referred to as that problem area in the middle. These muscles will get an unintentional workout just through your kicks and punches. You want to focus on all areas of your body during a fitness routine. In kickboxing, there are certain exercises that can be added to help build and focus on your core, such as crunches and side bends. It is important to have a strong core because it will help make each move more precise, better your endurance and quickly tone your body.


    Each aspect of kickboxing comes together to work every major muscle in your body. The combinations in kickboxing are endless. The benefit of using certain muscles in such a quick manner will have you quickly seeing results. You will be glad that you transformed your workout and also reaping the benefits of transforming your body.