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3 Steps Every Woman Should Take for Better Health

3 Steps Every Woman Should Take for Better Health

Heather Hudson

As we all know, and according to Queen Bey, girls run the world.  That being true, we ladies should be taking special care of ourselves in order to ensure that our legacy lives on for as long as possible.

You most likely already know that I am an advocate for regular exercise and pushing yourself physically to see growth. For me, it’s mentally gratifying to see physical progress in myself. I believe mental satisfaction is one of the most important things a woman can have. Confidence is next. If you have those two things you are light years ahead of some. If you have a healthy, fit body then you’re unstoppable!

Let’s discuss these each in depth:

  1. Be Active/Eat Right: If you’re a regular exerciser, you’ll sleep better, handle stress better and feel sexier in your skin. Your heart is going to beat better and stronger and you’ll be around this earth longer for your family. This is all good stuff! Find something active that you LOVE to do. For me, its punching and kicking my fat away! Whatever your thing is, do it and do it regularly. It’s not a luxury to workout, it’s a necessity. Make it part of your life and part of your schedule. It’s one of the most important appointments you can make for yourself.
  2. Do the Things You’re Supposed to Do: Get your yearly checkups, don’t text and drive, wear your seatbelt, don’t smoke or do drugs, limit alcohol intake, drink tons of water, and get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. This stuff is simple to do. It’s also simple NOT to do. But, the quality of your life depends on it. You’re worth it.
  3. Take Care of Your Mind: As I stated earlier, your mental satisfaction is super important! If you’re skinny and rich, but not mentally happy, nothing else really freakin’ matters, does it? What makes you happy? Do it! The most loving thing you can do for your loved ones is to take care of yourself first. When you’re an empty vessel, you have nothing to give them. When you are a full vessel, you can give to others from your own overflow. This is how a rich and satisfying life is created. You create your life! Make it a good one. That starts with your mind, period. Think positive thoughts and learn to see the best in situations. Keep a journal and record your thoughts without judgement. Have close girlfriends. Don’t be in relationships where you aren’t respected. Get up 15 minutes earlier and sit and enjoy your coffee before the day’s chaos begins. Take YOU time.

Check out this pledge put together by womenshealth.gov. I think it’s awesome and recommend you taking it: http://www.womenshealth.gov/nwhw/pledge/

My favorite part is the recommendation to work out just 30 minutes most days. I know a place…. ;)