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HOPE is a Four Letter Word

Heather Hudson

“I don’t run from my fears….it’s more of a light jog.”

I heard this today and it really made me laugh. But, all joking aside, what does this take on leaving your comfort zone teach us? It’s a pretty powerful statement actually…

Most people don’t do what it takes to reach their goals, they just do what’s comfortable!

I want you to think of two times in your life:

  • once when you made a goal and did NOT reach it,
  • and one time when you set a goal and DID reach it.

Once you have these two events clear in your mind, think about the processes you used to attempt the goal in each event.

If you’re truly honest with yourself, on the goal you didn’t make, at some point did you stop doing what it really took to get there, and revert back to what was comfortable? You bet you did!

Now think about the successful time. You pushed through the discomfort didn’t you? You made that goal because even when it got tough, scary or uncomfortable, you ignored those feelings enough to get past that wall and reach the finish line of your goal.

The difference between the two occasions for you was simple.

The one thing you did differently with the success story was: COMMIT.

You didn’t just HOPE. You made a commitment. These are actually diametrically different!


Goals based on hope are just wishes in the wind. 

Commitments are goals with a tangible intensity, fire and a plan attached to them! There’s a decision mentally made that this IS going to happen, not just “I sure HOPE I get this done.”

That’s really how simple it is!

The next time you get down and out about not accomplishing something you set out to do, ask yourself and be honest: did I just throw that ‘wish’ out there, or did I really commit and make a solid plan and stick to it through the discomfort? If not, then you have a choice to make. How important is this goal?

If it’s important enough, you’ll make that commitment. If it’s not, then you’ll probably snuggle back up into your comfort zone and let the tough stuff slide past you….along with your dreams!

Your destiny is in your hands, so I hope that you use this info to feel empowered and realize that you are the creator of your life. Just make sure your creating what you WANT.

Here's to your pathway to living life intentionally!