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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


6304 N Chatham Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri 64151


  • The owners of my 9 Round are so friendly and really care about members. They go out of their way to make people feel welcome. Connie, Jen, and all the trainers provide top-notch customer service!
    - December 15, 2018 by C.B.
  • I enjoy that there are no class times and I can start my workout whenever I show up. In the 30 minutes I am there I get a great exercise and sweat more than I ever did just going to the gym! Plus its a great stress reliever to punch/kick the bags! :)
    - December 05, 2018 by Brian Dill
  • The trainers make sure I’m doing the proper technique.
    - November 24, 2018 by Dean Revers
  • Boxing!
    - November 07, 2018 by A.S.
  • I feel like I am getting healthier
    - November 04, 2018 by D.S.
  • Friendliness of the staff! Quick workout with awesome results!
    - November 02, 2018 by L.F.
  • I love that there are no class times and I can get in and out in 30 minutes with an amazing workout. I love the trainers who push me to do my best and are always so welcoming and friendly. I love how clean it always is in the gym.
    - October 21, 2018 by N.T.
  • The way the workout transforms my body and that you can get a hard-hitting workout in 30 minutes.
    - October 18, 2018 by Edina Robinson
  • Workout changes everyday, no class time, and trainer working out with you.
    - October 13, 2018 by T.W.
  • I love that it’s fast, high energy, and that it changes every time I go. I’m never bored!
    - October 13, 2018 by Lesley Catlett
  • The flexibility of starting any time and the hard fast workout.
    - October 08, 2018 by Amy Gamble
  • The interaction I have with the trainers and the work out.
    - October 05, 2018 by E.D.
  • The workouts are different every day.
    - October 05, 2018 by M.V.
  • Good owner / trainer. No rigid class schedule Workout creates muscle confusion Simple formula - well executed - good workout
    - October 05, 2018 by Robbie Wilson
  • Early hours, no set class times, Energetic and challenging trainers that work with you and where you are at your own fitness level.
    - September 24, 2018 by S.E.
  • Great trainers, positive environment that lets everyone workout at their own pace!
    - September 14, 2018 by Alex Greenwood
  • That it is only 30 minutes. But all the trainers and owners are great and very encouraging!
    - August 25, 2018 by A.B.
  • There’s a different workout everyday that is trainer lead.
    - August 23, 2018 by Dean Revers
  • Great workout and the owners/trainer are awesome.
    - July 21, 2018 by K.W.
  • Trainers!
    - July 12, 2018 by J.F.
  • Local ownership in awesome trainers
    - July 11, 2018 by P.D.
  • no scheduled class time......floating trainer keeps me focused
    - July 11, 2018 by R.W.
  • Love the variety and ability to adjust your workout to suit your body's needs. I love the energy and the people. I'm not a punctual person, so the ability to walk in and start your workout at any time is priceless - it can be the difference of getting in your workout for that day or not. And hitting stuff is pretty fun too!!
    - July 10, 2018 by A.E.
  • How fit the workout makes me and the 30 min circuit.
    - July 10, 2018 by Edina Robinson
  • The trainers are amazing, so fun and always involved. The workouts are always different.
    - July 07, 2018 by Ashley Hebert
  • flexibility with time
    - July 07, 2018 by B.H.
  • What’s not to love? The staff is amazing! I love the fact that I can get a challenging workout in 30 minutes that delivers visible and measurable results. When I started 5 months ago I was not in shape in any way. Today, I can safely say I’m in the best shape of my life.
    - July 06, 2018 by K.H.
  • I’m shown the proper technique by a certified trainer.
    - May 25, 2018 by D.R.
  • The trainers really care about my progress and tailor my workout to my strengths.
    - May 16, 2018 by R.D.J.
  • Because each station is only 3 minutes long it goes very quick. While it seems like it could get old going through the same 9 stations each day they change up what the workout on those stations are so its enough of a change to make it different. It's also nice b/c if you start to feel like you're not challenged enough all you have to do is ramp up your intensity. It's all about how much you put into it.
    - May 09, 2018 by Jeff McKinney
  • Variety of workouts
    - April 20, 2018 by K.W.
  • Trainer teaching/pushing you to keep going
    - April 14, 2018 by T.B.
  • Quick & effective. No scheduled start times.
    - April 13, 2018 by D.N.
  • The intense full body workout within 30 min.
    - April 09, 2018 by Edina Robinson
  • In and out workout and the trainers are there to help.
    - April 07, 2018 by carrie picart
  • Awesome!
    - April 06, 2018 by I.H.
  • Best 30 minutes of the day
    - April 06, 2018 by P.D.
  • The trainers
    - April 05, 2018 by Ashley Hebert
  • Trainer with you - workout changes everyday- no class times!
    - April 05, 2018 by T.W.
  • 30 minute workout that is different every day
    - April 05, 2018 by D.W.
  • Great workout in a short amount of time.
    - April 05, 2018 by M.C.
  • I love the trainers, they push you like it's nobody's business and have been known to call me out when they notice I'm not pushing myself as hard as I could! The different daily workout keeps me coming back for more. I also love the relationships I've built with other members that come at the same time; we hold each other accountable and have really built a bond. We are the super early morning crew! Myself and a couple other members transferred to our current 9 Round location after our previous location closed and that helped strengthen those relationships. Not only that, but the trainers at our current location are so much better and you can tell they truly have the buy-in for their jobs! I'm much stronger due to 9 Round than I would be if I would have chosen another community gym!
    - April 04, 2018 by Casey Melancon
  • With 9 rounds I love that your workout always comes with a personal trainer. When I workout I typically need that extra push and it’s great to have that every time I work out at 9 rounds. I also, love working with mits. Working hand on hand with the trainer and mits it’s just the extra push I need.
    - April 04, 2018 by Shalia Stamper
  • The location is great, the new owners are awesomeand always make you feel welcome. The trainers are knowledgeable. Really great work out every single time!
    - April 04, 2018 by Erica Gonzalez
  • I really enjoy that time is not wasted at 9Round. At traditional gyms you can get caught up in walking from area to area, waiting for machines to open up, and looking at your phone. Here there's no time to mess around and you are always moving. It is a quick, tough workout that is never the same. The trainers and staff make it a great, comfortable place for me to blow off some steam and burn some calories.
    - April 04, 2018 by Marikate Sears
  • Flexible schedule - good workout with trainer keeping you focused
    - April 04, 2018 by R.W.
  • I love the energy, the workout and the people. It's to pound it out and get fit while doing it!!
    - April 02, 2018 by A.E.
  • I love the flexibility of no class times! I can come in early when the gym opens and do my workout to start my day. And I like the ability to easily keep track of my heart rate.
    - April 02, 2018 by K.S.
  • 9Round is just the BEST! I recommend it to everyone I know. I've been a member for almost 3 years and I cannot imagine NOT being a member. Love the flexibility of walking in whenever, love that I can go really early in the morning, love that its only 30 minutes! But its just the hardest 30 minutes every day which is great. I have developed good friendships with other members and with the trainers. Love that the trainers push you 10 times harder than I'd ever push myself. I have more muscle tone and feel stronger than ever before. But yet every few days I'm sore somewhere again, b/c of the constant changing exercises every day. Love it! Never gets old or boring.
    - April 02, 2018 by Jen Ipsen-Tebow

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Connie "Crusher" Revers
    Connie Revers is a Co-Owner/Operator of the 9Round Parkville location. After being a 9Round member for two years, she purchased the Parkville location. Connie fervently believes in the power of what 9Round has to offer. She is ready to work with you on achieving your fitness goals.
  • 9Round trainer
    Jerod "The Jackhammer" Andrew
    Jerod has been in law enforcement for 15 years, is an amazing father and husband, has boxed in Guns N Hoses for 4 years, and knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle. He is ready to help YOU, get fit, 9 rounds at a time!
  • 9Round trainer
    Jen "Blondie" Revers
    Jen is Connie's daughter and the Co-Owner/Operator of 9Round Parkville. She was a member for over 3 years before she took ownership with her mom. She loves the convenience of NO class times and how the 9Round workouts transform members into becoming stronger in 30 minutes. With her bubbly personality, she can't wait to help more members in the Parkville area reach their fitness goals.