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How to Start Your Own Fitness Revolution

Currently in the US, over 60% of our population is overweight or obese. This means that the majority of people are searching for ways to fight this epidemic. Many of them will try different methods but still not achieve the results that they want. They may find that dieting every now and then or denying themselves certain foods will not work in the long run. So, how can you determine the proper way to lose those excess pounds and remain excited about what you are doing? The best way may be to stop focusing only on your job and try to find a hobby that gets you up and motivated. By having a consistent and progressive fitness routine, you will be able to constantly see improvements in your health and reap the best benefits from your workouts.




You need to take responsibility for your workouts. You have to get off the couch, find the time and give it your all. You can come up with a billion excuses for not going to the gym or your fitness class; however, in the end it comes down to you. You have to schedule a time to go and make yourself go no matter what. There are also many different methods people use to maintain accountability throughout their workouts. Some rely on the help of others, like having a fitness partner. When you find someone who can schedule their routines at the same time as yours, you will not want to let them down by not showing up, and you may be more encouraged to go to the gym and get in some extra socializing. You can also use some of the new technology out there. There are many apps that can track your progress and results, and there are many online communities similar to facebook that are for fitness enthusiasts. However, if you happen to be old school, you can always keep a fitness journal that can track your fitness times, results and your eating habits. Again, it is up to you to find the best method to use to help you stick to your fitness routine.



You need to know before starting a routine that it may take some time to get the results that you want. Remember the old saying Rome wasn't built in a day. This can easily apply to your fitness routine. It is normal for us to want to see results right away, especially when we are living in the age of instant satisfaction. However, it will take time and a lot of hard work to get the body that we want. You need to stay strong and never give up if you want to achieve your goals. You need to have a consistent fitness routine that you can easily adapt and ease into slowly. Remember not to push yourself too hard in the beginning. You may end up injuring yourself, which can cause an unplanned hiatus in your fitness routine that many never return from.



For most of us, diet is defined as those brief periods of time that we deny ourselves certain foods or only eat certain foods in order to lose weight. However, we eventually come to realize that this or that diet does not work, and in the end we quit or diet and may even end up gaining more weight. We need to change the meaning of this word back to what it use to be. Our diet should be what we eat on a daily basis. In order to take our fitness routines to the next level and ensure success, we need to have a nutritious and well-rounded diet. We need to remember to eat healthy to make sure that our bodies are getting the proper fuel for our workouts. Try adding in some lean protein and vegetables to see how much more your body can do during your fitness routine. You may be amazed at how much clearer you can think and how much more you can achieve.

It does not matter which fitness level you are at. All you need to do is start out with some small lifestyle changes that you can keep up with easily and consistently. You need to devise a plan and stick with that plan. In time, you will start to see the results that you want, but you have to stay motivated to make sure that you give it enough time to achieve your goals.