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Sprinter vs. Runner

Sprinter vs. Runner

Heather Hudson

The Olympics are coming to a close and I am always inspired by the athletic displays from everyone across the world.

One thing I particularly note is the bodies of the sprinters or short distance runners versus the longer distance runners’ bodies. The short distance runners’ bodies are some of the most sculpted in the entire Olympic line up if you ask me. Their abs are popping and their shoulders are enviable to say the least. Yet they are running…not doing crunches and shoulder exercises.

Why is this?

It is no mistake that short, intense exercise is the key to their ripped bodies. Similar to HIIT training that many are familiar with, this kind of exercise is better at burning fat while maintaining sexy muscle than other types of exercise like long distance running or an hour on an elliptical machine or bike.

Put simply, long distance running (or any type of steady state cardio) is done continually at a consistent rate throughout the session, while sprints or bursts of running are done in short, anaerobic (without oxygen) sessions and then slow sessions for several moments then going right back up to the high intensity again. Like a roller coaster this continues to repeat over and over but for a shorter length of overall time, rather than being hours long.

That is actually the inspiration behind our 9Round workout. To obtain the body you want, you need to do the exercise that will get you that shape. I really admire runners because I personally find running extremely challenging and I am far from good at it. Long distance running is no doubt healthy and a great exercise, however, simply doing running alone will not give you a sculpted look. Incorporating sprint sessions into a running routine can be a great way to solve this dilemma.

If you watched any of the boxing in this year’s Olympics you may have noticed similar body types in these athletes. Boxers are some of the most conditioned, and ripped athletes in the world but if you were to add up the actual length of fight time in the ring for a world title it is a whopping 36 minutes only. (Twelve rounds at three minutes each.) You can see how the 30-minute workout was born!

You don’t need an hour or more in the gym when doing the right types of exercise. If you want a certain body type, create it by understanding which type of exercise you need to be doing and you’ll get that body faster!

You may not get to Olympic level conditioning with our 30 minute kickboxing circuit, but you will tighten up and tone your muscles in less than half the time of traditional workouts and this gives you more free time to show off your new muscles while feeling great in your skin!