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1737 N University Dr
Plantation, Florida 33322


  • Ira and his staff are awesome!!! They motivate, inspire, and care for all the 9 round members. Working out here is exhilarating and addicting.
    - Jun 8, 2019 by betty cortelli
  • The trainers are all AMAZING and make working out fun!
    - Jun 4, 2019 by Tanya "Mrs T" Hutkowski
  • The staff and the training
    - Jun 3, 2019 by Nicole Salcedo
  • Different every time, only 30 minutes, intense
    - May 13, 2019 by J.H.F.
  • The trainers are very motivating and encourage you to work hard towards achieving your fitness goals. There are different workouts each day so it becomes less monotonous and more interesting.
    - May 5, 2019 by Dhruv Kohli
  • I love that it is different every day! Not the same boring work out day in & day out! The coaches motivate to push you through the work out in a GREAT way! For the short period of time I’ve been going, I can already feel the difference. And the flexibility to arrive ANY TIME to work out is a perk too!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    - May 2, 2019 by Christine Healey
  • No class times, variety of exercises and fun/experienced trainers.
    - Apr 30, 2019 by Andrea Darlow
  • No specific time for classes! The coaches!
    - Apr 24, 2019 by L.F.L.
  • Trainers and no class times
    - Apr 5, 2019 by S.P.T.P.
  • Ira and the staff have made 9Round/Plantation a great place to workout. As soon as you walk in they greet you and you are family. When you leave, not only you are completely exhausted (good thing though), but you know that everyone there have contributed to your sweat therapy. Oh, and when you walk out, "Come Again," is always said.
    - Apr 5, 2019 by Sandra "SpitFire" Morales
  • ..love the staff and the motivation
    - Apr 2, 2019 by sandra barnett
  • Interacting with the trainers and the fast-paced workouts
    - Mar 21, 2019 by Philip Bennett
  • I have never been happier at a gym than I am at 9Round. I love the trainers and love the new workout I get everyday!
    - Mar 17, 2019 by Allison Stroud
  • Coaches, workouts, no class times
    - Mar 11, 2019 by N.M.
  • Love working out at 9Rounds full body workout great trainers!!
    - Mar 8, 2019 by F.G.
  • I love my 9Round, the trainers are amazing! Pablo is so patient and is a fantastic teacher, i've met some great people who are now call friends. The workout environement is always positive and upbeat, you don't want to leave!
    - Mar 1, 2019 by Claire "Punisher" McShanag
  • Great atmosphere! Great team that helps you out every single time. And the workout is excellent!
    - Feb 9, 2019 by W.A.
  • The schedule flexibility and the fact that ever day is different.
    - Feb 7, 2019 by Stephanie Lopez
  • Awesome workout and staff
    - Jan 30, 2019 by W.N.
  • Flexible hours!
    - Jan 28, 2019 by J.D.
  • Good support group and great workout,
    - Jan 28, 2019 by M.F.
  • Incredible trainers and no class times!
    - Jan 22, 2019 by Andrea Darlow
  • I love it !Amazing staff...Amazing burn!
    - Jan 8, 2019 by S.B.
  • Quick and the best trainers!
    - Jan 4, 2019 by Shea "Prime Time" Pucci
  • I look forward to the variety of exercises each time I come in that really target the entire body and keep my heart rate up for the entire time.
    - Dec 26, 2018 by Bonnie Hendrickx
  • This is the best workout and gym experience I’ve ever had!
    - Dec 16, 2018 by Allison Stroud
  • The trainers are FANTASTIC & make it a fun & motivating environment to work out! It is different workouts every single day
    - Dec 4, 2018 by O.W.
  • Great workouts. Perfect for someone short on time, but wants to get a good workout in. Coaches are awesome!
    - Nov 29, 2018 by R.R.
  • I love my trainers!! The atmosphere in the gym is always encouraging and makes you want to come back everyday!
    - Nov 28, 2018 by Claire McShanag
  • Great workout quick and fast great trainers
    - Nov 23, 2018 by F.G.
  • I enjoy that you have a trainer available at all times. The small setting make us feel like you are part of a family. Most importantly you work out for 30 minutes non stop and are pushed to your limit at all times.
    - Nov 23, 2018 by Norma Gomez
  • I love 9round!
    - Nov 12, 2018 by Gary Zeiss
  • The versatility!
    - Nov 9, 2018 by A.A.
  • Great workout, different every time, time efficient, on my schedule
    - Nov 2, 2018 by J.H.F.
  • I love how the trainers motivate us. It is also very nice that I can get in and out of there in 30 minutes with a great work out. It’s different and lots of fun as well!
    - Nov 1, 2018 by Julie Hollender
  • The best workout!
    - Nov 1, 2018 by N.P.
  • Staff, motivation, positive energy, quick workout
    - Oct 27, 2018 by B.C.
  • The different challenges you get at each work out, and how it tackles all areas of your body in just 30 mins. The experience staff and how hands on they are with each member without you feeling pressured. You work at your own pace with the support to make you stronger.
    - Oct 24, 2018 by R.B.
  • I love that there is no class times, that u can workout when the time works for you. Also that everyday is a new round of exercises because it changes everyday. The 30 minutes is a great workout, you will walk out sweaty! Finally the energy and the staff is awesome!
    - Oct 14, 2018 by M.K.
  • Ira's gym ( (9Round) provides an atmosphere that you cannot get at a traditional gym. At 9Round you are family. You go beyond what is expected, to reach a goal; being weight loss or building strength. Not having to woryy about class time is also a plus. Every workout starts every 3 minutes and you are done 30 minutes after that. Who doesn't have 30 minutes to spare?
    - Oct 4, 2018 by Sandra "Spitfire" Morales
  • The trainers are amazing! They are constantly motivating their members to work harder and makes sure we are working to our full potiential.
    - Oct 4, 2018 by Trishna "Pocahontas" Balram
  • I love visiting your location every time I'm in South Fl... it is much better than the locations up here! You have plenty of trainers on the floor and they are always pushing you to dig a little deeper.
    - Oct 3, 2018 by K.B.
  • The flexibility of times and the differentiated activities at each station every day.
    - Sep 25, 2018 by Bonnie Hendrickx
  • Having someone coaching and pushing you every step of the way
    - Sep 25, 2018 by K.S.
  • I love the staff they are very friendly and provide constant motivation for a great workout!!
    - Sep 20, 2018 by J.A.
  • I love my trainers and all the positivity and encouragement they provide.
    - Sep 1, 2018 by Katelyn Parlin
  • They are such fun workouts with a great staff! There is so much variety among the workouts, they never get boring & are always Tough!
    - Aug 28, 2018 by O.W.
  • I like the workout and the motivation from the trainers is keeps me going!!
    - Aug 25, 2018 by Claire McShanag
  • I like everything! The workouts are effective and the trainers are really nice.
    - Aug 23, 2018 by Karine Pottinger
  • Great workout! Great trainers they make it fun to workout I enjoy it
    - Aug 2, 2018 by F.G.

About the team

  • Ira <span class="nick-name">"The Ice Man"</span> Neasman
    Ira "The Ice Man" Neasman
    Ira began working out at the age of 22 and has had a lifelong connection with working out, exercise, fitness and health. In 2010 Ira was the Masters Overall winner of the Flamingo Bodybuilding Championships. Now as a 9Round owner and trainer he guides you through the most incredible, intense and fun workouts in the fitness industry..!!
  • Laura <span class="nick-name">"&quot;Athena&quot;"</span> Jean
    Laura ""Athena"" Jean
    My name is Laura Jean and I am the Caribbean Flare at 9Round Plantation. My philosophy is to train the body through training the mind. Take the “I can’t” out the mind so the body “Can” and watch magic happen. Through my own personal journey, I have learned that changing my thought process has definitely changed my life. I have become stronger; stronger in mind, body, and soul. My goal is to inspire others to change their lives through their mind and enable them to look beyond their current circumstances and own their power to build the life they want. Health and fitness is a huge part of it. I aim to pay it forward to others through health and fitness. As a trainer at 9Round, I am here to help you thrive. I will not allow you to quit yourself and I will not quit you! Together we will achieve all your goals! Together we will make Magic happen!
  • Aswand <span class="nick-name">"&quot;Shock Wave&quot;"</span> Cruickshank
    Aswand ""Shock Wave"" Cruickshank
    My name is Aswand Cruickshank, From Silver Spring Maryland, which is on the outskirts of Washington DC. I Started working at a gym at 19 years old, after coming off my freshman year of college football, my surgically repaired knee forced me to sit out that season, and I was forced to learn the VALUE that a gym brings to the community in which it is located. I am very excited for the opportunity to become a member of the South Florida community, from the standpoint of a person that is teaching people how reach their fitness goals. MEET ME AT THE GYM!
  • Nicole <span class="nick-name">"&quot;Superstar&quot; "</span> Proto
    Nicole ""Superstar" " Proto
    Nicole Proto is a nursing student at Nova Southeastern University and is from Branford, CT. Her love for fitness started as a young athlete and continues to this day. It wasn't until she joined the 9 Round in her hometown that she realized how therapeutic fitness is for her. Now that she is able to step up as a trainer, she hopes she can help push people beyond their limits to be the best version of themselves they can be. I am so excited to be a part of Plantation's 9 Round community!!
  • David <span class="nick-name">"Iron Man"</span> Cordero
    David "Iron Man" Cordero
    I have been in the fitness industry for a few years working in multiple gyms. Upon receiving my certification, I've been able to train clients 1 on 1 for the last 3 years. My focus is mainly strength and conditioning as well as educating individuals about proper nutrition. I've always been passionate about fitness and make it part of my daily routine. My goal is to share my knowledge and expertise with those who seek to improve their health. I believe that through fitness, we can all become stronger not only physically but mentally as well. . Associates Degree in Food and Nutrition . National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - Certified Personal Trainer