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1131 Falls River Ave Unit #102
Raleigh, North Carolina 27614


  • it doesn't feel like the gym, no judgement, no pressure to look a certain way. It's just a great place to come and get some great movement in. I feel empowered after being there.
    - Nov 7, 2018 by T.V.
  • The trainers and the diverse and challenging workouts
    - Oct 25, 2018 by L.M.
  • The trainers, the workouts, and the fun!
    - Oct 24, 2018 by L.P.
  • It is a short, intense workout that I can fit into my schedule. I feel like I get the workout I want without being at the gym for hours.
    - Oct 19, 2018 by M.E.
  • The great workout and the people are like family. The workout is never the same and I love it!
    - Jul 20, 2018 by L.I.
  • Family environment
    - Jul 19, 2018 by T.W.
  • I love 9Round! It’s a great workout because it’s full-body and different every day. I love the energy of the place and the fact that I have multiple trainers to work with.
    - Jul 16, 2018 by J.L.
  • Variety of excercise , the owner and employees !
    - Jul 13, 2018 by Matthew Hart
  • Great, full body workout in thirty minutes. Trainer available at all times to ensure you are getting the most out of your time spent at the gym.
    - Jul 11, 2018 by K.M.
  • Joining 9Round was one of the best decisions I could have made for my physical, mental, and social well-being! I have become more toned and overall healthier, gained confidence, and made new friends with the amazing trainers and other members of 9Round! I can definitely say that my 9Round workout of at least 30 minutes is usually my favorite 30 minutes of the day. I love how each trainer gets to know you and is able to personalize the workout even more to best fit your style/abilities. 9Round is a place for everyone and I highly recommend trying it out- you won’t regret it!
    - Jul 11, 2018 by Kelli Loper
  • great workout in 30 minutes!
    - Jul 10, 2018 by S.B.
  • Workouts are always innovative and different ever time and are led by professional, encouraging trainers.
    - Jul 8, 2018 by Ross Yannayon
  • The variety from work out to work out, and of course the trainers!! Both keep me interested and challenged to come back week after week, month after month.
    - Jul 7, 2018 by Jeff Winkler
  • The variety so it never gets boring and the people who motivate you to push harder!
    - Jul 7, 2018 by K.C.
  • EVERYTHING! Great workout and great staff!
    - Jul 6, 2018 by G.T.
  • Quick workout, supportive trainers.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by Miller Lawson
  • No class times Awesome trainers who know me by name and push me beyond what I think I'm capable of.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by Dawanne Poree
  • That you go in work out and your done in 30 minutes. I like the fact that you have someone there to push you to better yourself.
    - Jul 4, 2018 by Rhonda Chalmers
  • The engagement of the staff with customers is awesome. They make consistently working out as easy as it can be through encouragement, levity, the right type of tough love, and high energy! I’m a big fan of this location and am happy to be a member!! I’m also happy with my results of increased strength, stamina and weight loss.
    - Jul 3, 2018 by David Milledge
  • I love having the trainers available to monitor and correct form. They know my limitations from last injuries and help me modify exercises when needed. I have mostly worked with 2 trainers, Anna and Ernest. Both are great at pushing me to do my best and helpful when adjustments need to be made.
    - Jul 3, 2018 by M.G.
  • Our owner and his staff. They are really engaged and want to see us succeed. For me, with my health issues and being 'older'...ouch, I find all of the staff helpful and willing to work with me.
    - Jul 3, 2018 by J.K.
  • I love that I can arrive at any time and begin my workout instead of having to arrive at specific times typical of most group exercise classes. I also love the quick 30 minute workout. That fits well with where I am in life right now with a small baby. I don’t have as much time dedicated to working out as I used to! I would love to see more variety in the workouts.
    - Jun 30, 2018 by Amanda Cruise
  • The ability to come in at any time and workout. It’s great because the gym always fits into my schedule now!
    - Jun 28, 2018 by S.N.
  • The workouts always change and you learn something new every time. You don't get stuck in a rut doing the same workout. And the trainers are awesome.
    - Jun 13, 2018 by T.S.
  • There are no class times and it only last 30 minutes. I feel like it is a really good workout, especially in that short amount of time. Also, Ernest and Mads are very nice!
    - Jun 8, 2018 by M.B.
  • Love the workout. It's tough, but quick and effective. Can feel the effects already. Appreciate having the trainers encouragement as well as critiquing my technique to make the most out of my time.
    - Jun 4, 2018 by P.H.
  • It's always something different, and the trainers are awesome! I love not having to rush to get to a class.
    - May 31, 2018 by B.R.
  • I love that it is quick and different every time!
    - May 3, 2018 by Jack Page
  • Trainers' enthusiasm and genuine interest in your exercise goals, working out at your own pace, no class times, friendly environment!
    - May 3, 2018 by Laura Gibson
  • I love going to 9 Round the staff is exceptional! Very helpful in showing me how do each exercise. They push me to work harder and are always cheering me on.
    - Apr 25, 2018 by Lana Coleman
  • A great, full body workout that's only 30 minutes! Fits into my busy lifestyle perfectly! Trainers are all awesome - they are motivational and modify exercises as needed. Best workout experience I've ever had!
    - Apr 22, 2018 by R.B.
  • It makes me feel powerful
    - Apr 19, 2018 by J.B.T.
  • I love 9Round! Every trainer is fun and motivating. They always offer ideas if you need to modify or if you want to take it up a notch. The workouts are great and different every day. Most importantly, the entire staff treats you like family.
    - Apr 19, 2018 by Holly Edge
  • Fun workout, great instructors.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by H.C.
  • I love having a different workout each day! The trainers are positive and very motivating. I can always find time for 30 minutes.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by Lisa Peverall
  • Quick 30 min workout time. Helpful trainers.
    - Apr 15, 2018 by N.D.
  • The atmosphere and warm family feeling is amazing. The trainers are fabulous . Like no other gym I’ve been at!Love love love!
    - Apr 13, 2018 by D.P.
  • Family environment
    - Apr 12, 2018 by T.W.
  • The people and that I can get a great workout in 30 minutes.
    - Apr 12, 2018 by Kimberly Baillie
  • Effective and efficient. Great trainers. Flexible times.
    - Apr 12, 2018 by A.D.
  • I love the support of the staff and the people at the gym. Its a great cardio and weight workout in a 30 minute period which works best with my lifestyle.
    - Apr 10, 2018 by Maryann Wright
  • I LOVE 9Round!! I’ve been a member for 4 years now, and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for my workouts!
    - Apr 9, 2018 by Jennifer Wise
  • The trainer interaction, the friendly environment, the intense workout, and the fun.
    - Apr 9, 2018 by G.H.
  • I like the fact that I'm in and out in 30 minutes! (and the trainers are awesome too)
    - Apr 9, 2018 by T.C.
  • Convenience and efficient. No waiting to start workout. Done in 30 minutes.
    - Apr 9, 2018 by M.N.
  • I love that they know everyone's name when they walk in. I love that they protect and correct your form when you are doing something incorrect. I love that they push you, every second you are there - 30 minutes of no pain no gain. I absolutely love the feel of sweat and exhaustion but know I will feel great the rest of the day ready to go with energy.
    - Apr 7, 2018 by Nicole Luna
  • I love the consistent encouragement from the trainers & enjoy the challenging workouts that change daily!!! They both keep me coming back week after week & help me stay strong & flexible!! #9RoundRaleigh
    - Apr 7, 2018 by Debbie Shafeei
  • Convenience and the friendliness of the staff!
    - Apr 6, 2018 by C.U.
  • It is a fun and engaging experience. The work outs are rarely repeated and the the trainers are some of the best in the business. They not only help you with your fitness goals but are willing to listen and give advice when you ask them. Not to mention the workout works your entire body and not just a certain area.
    - Apr 5, 2018 by Jason Petersen
  • Awesome work out in 30 minutes, which includes awesome Trainers. 9Round members are pretty Cool also.
    - Apr 5, 2018 by Ruth Sims

About the team

  • Jon  Shafeei
    Jon Shafeei
    Owner/Operator and Certified Trainer - Jon
  • Maddie  Little
    Maddie Little
    Certified Trainer - Maddie
  • John  Brown
    John Brown
    Certified Trainer and retired ARMY - John B
  • Anna  Gutelius
    Anna Gutelius
    Certified Trainer - Anna
  • Ernest  Hawkins
    Ernest Hawkins
    Certified Trainer - Ernest
  • Kiersten   Koenig
    Kiersten Koenig
    Certified Trainer - Kiersten