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Let's set the stage; an individual has put on excess body fat and body weight and they are ready to turn the corner and make a change. They really want to embrace a much healthier lifestyle and drop all of this body fat and body weight that they have been carrying around for years. These individuals are in a state of "nutrition debt." At this stage, it's very common for individuals to ask the following question, "How can I drop these 50 pounds fast?" We have to understand that if we want meaningful and sustainable body transformation results for a lifetime, we can neither look for nor expect ‘weight loss and fast’ to be linked together.


Nutrition debt parallels financial debt. Let's say an individual is looking to get out of the financial debt that they have created over the last many years.  At this stage, there is no quick fix, magic bullet, magic wand that can quickly eliminate this financial debt, right?  It's going to take time, effort, energy, patience and a great plan. The story may go something like this; the individual hires a financial coach to help assist them in eliminating the debt. Their financial coach will most likely implement a very strict and stringent plan that will include lifestyle changes, spending habit changes, etc. In order for the individual to eliminate this debt, it is imperative that they follow the plan of their financial coach spot-on. Now, when this individual reaches their goal and is now debt free, what do they need to do to remain debt-free? Well, they need to continue to do exactly what they have been doing that got them out of debt, right. They can't simply eliminate their debt and then go back to their old lifestyle, old spending habits, etc., because they will be right back in the same situation and have a huge amount of debt once again.


This is the exact same path we need to follow in order to get out of nutrition debt. Just like with financial debt, there is no magic wand, magic bullet, etc., that's going to allow us to reduce body weight and maintain it for a lifetime. It's going to take a very patient and methodical approach and a lot of time, effort and energy. And, very similar to eliminating financial debt, once the individual is "nutrition debt free", that's not the finish line, not even close. That's just the starting line. One of the most common questions individuals have asked me over the past 25 years is, "Rick, once I reach my body fat loss goals, what do I do then?" Well, there's only one choice if the individual wants to continue to have meaningful and sustainable results for a lifetime. And that choice/answer is that the individual has to keep doing exactly what they did to reduce the nutrition debt. The individual cannot get out of nutrition debt and then go back to their previous nutrition lifestyle because if they do, what happens? It's simple, they gain all their body fat and body weight back and nutrition that appears once again. (This is exactly why individuals following food fads and diets are always finding themselves back in nutrition debt)


In summary, one of our main areas of focus when an individual is in nutrition debt is to remain nutrition debt-free for a lifetime. This is very different then focusing on simply eliminating nutrition debt. When this (eliminating) becomes the focus, it's as if the elimination of debt is the finish line and this is exactly why so many individuals quickly go back into nutrition debt once they've lost the weight. Let's focus and goal-set well beyond eliminating nutrition debt. Let's visualize being nutrition debt-free for a lifetime. When this becomes the goal, individuals are then focusing on the journey and not the destination.


Here is to feeling absolutely amazing and remaining nutrition debt-free for a lifetime! Let's make greatness happen.


Dr. Rick Kattouf II

2x Best-Selling Author

Named One Of The World Fitness Elite® Trainers Of The Year