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How Do You Handle Missed Workouts?

How Do You Handle Missed Workouts?

We all enjoy our workouts. It's a great part of our day and the physical and mental benefits we get from completing our workouts are endless. With that being said, we have all had to miss a workout for various reasons. When "life happens", illness happens, etc., our workout may get pushed to the side. Understandably, no one enjoys missing their workout. Whether the goal is body transformation, improved health and fitness and/or improved athletic performance, we realize that each workout is a very important piece to the puzzle. Missed workouts can often times create frustration and anxiety.  And as a result, this frustration can lead to additional missed workouts, overeating, etc. which can easily start to derail our goals.


In addition, a missed workout can cause individuals to want to 'double up' the next day. Their mindset is, 'Since I missed my workout today, I will just workout twice as much tomorrow.' And while on the surface this may seem reasonable, it’s not a recommended approach. We just want to pick up our workout schedule as regularly scheduled the next day. Let's set the stage...an individual has big goals to lose body fat and lose weight. And in their mind, a missed workout is going to lead to weight gain. When a workout is missed, they may try to work out more (and eat less) in order to make up for the missed workout. Unfortunately, this is not going to lead to success. So, how can we approach and handle these missed workouts?


The first step is going to be this… No longer are we going to view a missed workout as a missed workout. Why? Well, when we perceive missed workouts as a negative, this can be the start of a downward spiral. Therefore, we are going to view a missed work out as simply additional time for physical repair and recovery. When we over-focus on the missed workout, we are focusing on what is not happening and we are focusing on something that we cannot control simply because "life happens." And this is why we are going to shift this focus to the positive. If life happens and you have to miss a workout, well, no longer is this a missed workout. Rather, this is additional time to repair and recover. What will this lead to? This is going to lead to a highly productive workout the next day. This additional repair and rest is a huge positive. This is neither a missed workout nor a negative. This is a set up for even greater success for your next workout (it’s all about the productivity). We quickly shift our focus and attention from the workout we are not getting in… To the next workout that we are going to successfully complete.


Let's say you regularly go to your 9Round workout every morning. And let's say on a particular morning, an urgent family, work, etc. matter is taking precedence and you are unable to get to your workout. 'Life happens' and it is out of your control, therefore we do not want to waste time, effort and energy on things we cannot control. We only want to focus on what we can control. It's at this point we shift our mindset. You are not 'missing' your workout today. Rather, you are giving your body an extra day of rest and repair. You can focus on your nutrition and ensure your body stays well fueled all throughout the day. You can focus on stretching and foam rolling that night before you go to bed, as this will help to facilitate recovery. Mentally and physically, you have set yourself up for an amazing workout the next day, and that becomes the focus.


In summary, no one wants to miss their workout. But from this point forward, the words 'missed workout' no longer exist. If a workout is not going to happen on a given day because 'life happens', no worries. We simply shift our focus to our nutrition and the next workout. This will give the body additional rest and repair. You are going to feel absolutely amazing the next day. You will be well rested and focused on your next successful workout and the productivity will be sky-high. You will be amazed at how this small shift in mindset will elevate you to a whole new level!


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Dr. Rick Kattouf II

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