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Why kickboxing training is good for you!

As an activity that requires repeated quick bursts of movement, kickboxing promotes heart health by providing a cardiovascular workout. The kicks and punches that you learn during the 9Round workout make your body pump blood faster to the heart, especially when done in exercise stretches that last 30 minutes or longer. Over time, this increased heart rate results in a stronger, more efficient heart. By using resistance training as well as the traditional kickboxing punches and kicks, you maximize your time as well as your effort!

As with most total-body workouts, kickboxing requires increased physical activity that burns fat, tones and builds muscle and can lead to weight loss. Depending upon what type of kickboxing you perform, you could burn as many calories per hour with this sport as you would walking or jogging, according to a study performed by the American Council on Exercise. Conducted by a team of University of Mississippi researchers who were led by Len Kravitz, Ph.D., the July 1999 ACE study reveals that kickboxing participants typically burn 350 to 450 calories per hour. Results from the study indicate that you can expect to burn the most calories while blending a combination of upper- and lower-body kickboxing moves. Because of the non-stop movement and mix of resistance training, 9Round clients can achieve the same calorie burn in half the time.

Just as a ballerina who practices dance moves every day increases her agility, so also can you increase your body's flexibility and coordination with kickboxing. Most people lose flexibility and coordination as a natural part of the aging process, as well as from inactivity, but kickboxing can help to combat this loss of agility. Performing basic kickboxing moves requires you to twist your body and deliver multi-level, elevated kicks, which provides key flexibility training for your body. As you get better at executing these moves, your body becomes more flexible.  Increased flexibility comes with many benefits, including improved posture, decreased muscle tension and less chance of injuries, according to the American Council on Exercise.

Regularly participating in a kickboxing regimen may be able to kick stress and boost your self-esteem. The controlled punching and kicking require a level of physical exertion and focus that allow you to let go of other stresses in your life. Getting better at executing difficult kickboxing moves, or learning to use one of the bags (speed bag or double end) better, inevitably improves self-confidence, particularly if you're able to easily perform moves that you could never do before. Kickboxing can also promote peace of mind, especially for women who may find themselves in a situation in which they'll need to practice self-defense techniques.