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1400 E Old Settlers Blvd Suite 301
Round Rock, Texas 78664


  • I can pop in whenever to workout!
    - Sep 15, 2019 by T.Z.
  • I am obsessed with 9Round! I have tried other gym memberships and nothing ever seemed to work for me. I would never have the motivation or the effort to go (mainly because I never knew what to do when I got to the gym). I love that this gym has a set workout for you that changes everyday and that it only takes 30 minutes to get a GREAT workout in! I love that everyone goes at their own pace and you never have to worry about anyone "judging" you for how hard or little you workout. The trainers are so encouraging and really help you push yourself. 10/10 recommend this for ANYONE!
    - Sep 14, 2019 by Katie Murrell
  • I love the flexible schedule, how I can come in anytime during business hours and not have to sign up or commit to a certain time! I love how I burn so many calories in just 30 minutes!
    - Sep 11, 2019 by Jennifer Andrada
  • Always feel welcomed into the gym. All the trainers are super nice and helpful and motivating throughout the workout. I love how every workout is different!
    - Sep 5, 2019 by V.C.
  • Great trainers and workouts. 30 minutes goes by quick and is easy to fit into the work week.
    - Aug 30, 2019 by Andrea Miller
  • Fantastic trainers, no class times, and an intense workout!
    - Aug 29, 2019 by S.S.
  • 9Round has a group of happy, energetic and caring trainers and clients. The trainers deliver positive experience consistently. They also pay attention to individual client situation to either increase workout intensity or modify for injuries. Awesome job, 9Round Round Rock!!
    - Aug 23, 2019 by Ming Christensen
  • Love being able to get a good workout done in 30 minutes and trainers that challenge you to reach your full potential!!
    - Aug 12, 2019 by Patricia Whitson
  • There is a trainer to help make sure I am doing the exercises correctly and can change the workout for my neck and shoulder pain. I love that it’s 30 min., the workouts are always different and challenging.
    - May 30, 2019 by M.P.
  • I like the variations of workouts and being able to work one on one with a trainer
    - May 23, 2019 by C.R.
  • The trainers
    - May 20, 2019 by Patricia Barba
  • I feel amazing after I finish the workout. I love how it only takes 30 minutes.
    - May 18, 2019 by S.G.
  • Everyone is great and personable! I have yet to meet a trainer that doesn’t go above and beyond, and I think that’s incredible! I love working out at 9Rounds.
    - May 10, 2019 by Alexandra Schintgen
  • 9 Round is everything I need. I have a complex schedule that is constantly changing, so it's nice to be able to drop in and easily adjust my workout time to accommodate a last minute schedule change. I love that there is a trainer always watching and helping me, encouraging me, and showing me adjustments to get the most out of my workout. The workouts are fun and something I feel like I can be successful at.
    - May 10, 2019 by K.K.
  • Great workout in a short amount of time.
    - May 8, 2019 by F.C.
  • What I enjoy the most is seeing my heart rate and challenging myself to keep it in a particular zone. There are a few instructors who help me achieve this. The overall workout is great and I feel my body challenged in 30 minutes. I would recommend 9 Rounds to others!!
    - May 8, 2019 by Alicia Keizer
  • I love my gym and the trainers! They help keep me focused and have been instrumental in my postpartum weight loss! 40 pounds down and counting!
    - May 8, 2019 by Melissa Ramsey

About the team

  • Shad <span class="nick-name">"Showtime"</span> Pellizzari
    Shad "Showtime" Pellizzari
    Shad has a background in health care. He is a passionate person and loves 9Round. He enjoys spending time with his Kids and outdoor activities.
  • Katelyn <span class="nick-name">"Killa K8"</span> Garcia
    Katelyn "Killa K8" Garcia
    I'm a certified personal trainer with a serious addiction to helping people reach their goals. There's nothing more satisfying to me as a coach than seeing people progress in the right direction, and I love having the power to help people get back on track when they may have fallen off. 9Round provides a unique and effective workout unlike anything I've ever tried before, and it's my pleasure to motivate our members through all 30 minutes of it. When I'm not coaching at 9Round I'm training on my own for power lifting and snuggling up with my guinea pigs.
  • Natalie  Perez
    Natalie Perez
    Natalie is one of our members that decided to become a trainer!! She will put you through a workout you will not forget!! Super great energy!