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9RoundSD Sixty Second Social Media Challenge

9RoundSD Sixty Second Social Media Challenge

Get ready...the 9RoundSD Sixty Second Socia Media Challenge is here! 

What is the Sixty Second Social Media Challenge? 
~ A Daily Challenge provided by 9RoundSD 
~ Post a video of yourself doing the exercies on social media, tag 9RoundSD and earn points! 

Bonus Points!!!
~ If you tag a friend and challenge them, then an extra point is added. 
~ If that friends posts a video and they tag 9RoundSD, you get an extra point! 
~ Complete these challenge in the gym....another point! 

What do you win if you earn the most points? 1/2 off your next months membership! 

Are you ready? Sign up at 9Round Kickbox Fitness San Diego - Friars Road to particpate!