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Weight I Lost 1/4 of my Kid

Justin Hammerstrom

Well it's time to talk about WEIGHT. It can't be ignored. We need to knock this issue out. Yes it is a sensitive issue for teens. I can assure you great things happen when weight loss is achieved. Keep in mind it is the road to the goal that really counts.

The "Stairs To Repair" we will call it. Start with setting a realistic and aggressive goal. Think of it like building a staircase of small goals to reach the "Aggressive Goal".

Make a chart, have a reward system or just good old fashion talk about it everyday. Whatever works for you and your teen to achieve the goal to lose weight use it. Putting value on these goals is so very important, if you don't create value then you will be wasting everyone's time.

It will take a solid month and the magic will start. Not everyone knows this but all of our 9Round trainers are certified magicians. Abracadabra your teen is smiling, sleeping great, losing weight and asking you to buy some fruit instead of Twinkies.

Confidence is everything. a teen that feels good and looks fit will be confident. a confident teen will be able to communicate better, think clearly and be a positive part of your household. Just think you now have someone to chop and stack the wood for your wood stove.

The wood stove is northern humor but it gets my point across. Next thing you know your teen will be slim and trim and you have have sneakishly taught them a life lesson, that is a formula they can use for just about anything.

So yes you lost 1/4 of your kid's fat content, but you have gained so much more. Make it happen let us help you at 9Round. Also for the record SNEAKISHLY is a word that I invented. Thanks for Reading. Have a GR8 Day. -Justin