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Amanda "Die Hard" McClain by Christopher Jones

Amanda "Die Hard" McClain by Christopher Jones

Vanessa Carlson

Consistency is a trait that allows the small to become large, the unskilled to become masterful, the foolish to become wise. For as long as we’ve been at this gym there has been a member whose presence is so consistent you could swear she lives in the gym.  For nearly 2 ½ years Amanda “Die Hard” McClain has been that committed presence.

Amanda, is 33 years young and is from Greenville, South Carolina. She initially joined this gym to lose weight, but it gradually became a part of her lifestyle. As with all first timers to 9Round it took a little time and a great deal of hard work, but over that time she’s lost more than 50 pounds and accomplished loads more:

When I joined 9Round I was at my biggest around 210 lbs and could not finish the workout. Now I am around 156-160 lbs and do more than just my regular workout. Since 9Round I have been able to finish a 5k run as well as a Mud Run. I have come so far that now I can run a mile in around 11 minutes, whereas before I could not run at all.”

                                                                                      -Amanda McClain

              One of the greatest things we’ll note as trainers is that her success and hard work inspires other members, and even the trainers as well. Every day she comes in with a goal that she MUST achieve. “Alright let’s get 500 calories today!”, is something she’ll say, or, after looking at a tough workout on the boards, “Phew….Ok, we got this!” One of my favorite Die Hard moments is doing hand pads with her. Because she has become so outstanding at combinations we’ll play a sort of game in which the first person who misses has to do a burpee, which is exhausting, but fun. Each afternoon at round 3 or 4 one of us will bring the hand pads and she’ll say “Alright what you got for me today?!”

My favorite part of 9Round is the motivation you receive from the trainers as well as the other members. It is such an uplifting and positive environment to workout in. It’s really more than just a gym it is a family.”

Outside of the gym Amanda is as committed to family as she is the gym. A loving and proud single mom, she devotes her spare time to activities with her daughter, Brinley, and her mother. In fact, her relationship with them is one of the motivations for her joining 9Round:

“My daughter and mother both inspire me. I am a single mother and feel I need to do my best to show her what dedication and living a healthy lifestyle is. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and she inspires me everyday to push forward and live to the fullest”

By her efforts and great personality, its easy to see how much of a positive impact she has as both a parent. Amanda has learned and accomplished a lot in her time with our gym, but despite all of that she remains eager to learn, to challenge herself, and to make positive change. Amanda has thrown herself into the process of health and fitness and uses all of her resources in the gym to push her further with her goals:

9Round has helped me both physically and mentally. I have been taught to focus and to never underestimate my physical ability. They have also taught me…it’s about eating properly and learning your body”

Her favorite saying is “Believe you can and hour half way there”, a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. Witnessing her fitness journey firsthand, it’s easy to see why. We congratulate Amanda for her numerous accomplishments in over 2 years and can’t wait to see what else she will pursue and eventually achieve. She truly is, and has become, a testament to the values of consistency, commitment, and willpower.