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9Round's very own Black Iris

9Round's very own Black Iris

Vanessa Carlson

Many mornings you may see "Black Iris," going head to head at every station focused and determined to meet the day's challenge. Even after her workout it is quite common to see her learning and working with trainers to do more. She is always looking for ways to push herself beyond her limits. This month's Member Spotlight gives us more insight to one of our very own, Ms. Jomana Greige. Read her story below:

"Over a year ago, I lost my daughter to sudden illness. I was going through severe depression and stress. The name of the gym, 9Round, caught my eye and out of curiosity I went in to check it out. After the initial introduction, I felt such relief from kicking and punching, I decided to join.

The atmosphere is always friendly, energetic and positive. The owners, Reidar and Vanessa, and staff are awesome and helpful, assisting me with form without needing to ask.

During my workouts at 9Round I realized that I am stronger than I previously thought. I can do more advanced exercises and I have more energy. The workouts have helped me lower my stress and have also helped me greatly with grieving. 

I have lost 2 dress sizes! My goal is to be stronger, more toned and fit.

I want everyone to know that 9Round isn't an average gym, your experience here is personalized and most importantly kind.

I am still in a transitional period of my life and I am having the best time taking care of my health with everyone at 9Round."

One of Black Iris' favorite quotes is:  "Good, better, best. Never let it rest.'Til your good is better, and your better is best."   - St Jerome