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  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • *Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


2242 Boiling Springs Rd.
Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316


  • New work out every day! They are the reason I lost 100lbs. 7 years later and I still enjoy it like the first day I started.
    - January 12, 2019 by Chassiti Burgess
  • I don't have to think about my workout. I just have to get my foot in the door and the workout has been set for me. I also dont have to benchmark myself against others.
    - January 11, 2019 by S.P.
  • The trainers!! They recognize your issues and are willing to work around or with them but at the same time push you to be in the best shape you can be.
    - January 11, 2019 by D.L.
  • Great workout in 30 minutes! I love my trainers!!
    - January 10, 2019 by Wendy Howell
  • The variety of workouts and the trainers.
    - January 04, 2019 by B.A.
  • All around workout with a trainer all the way through.
    - January 04, 2019 by Diana Williamson
  • Trainers are always there to help you and it’s something different everyday.
    - January 04, 2019 by L.P.
  • Awesome experience and workout everytime!
    - January 04, 2019 by J.H.
  • The punching
    - December 23, 2018 by P.K.
  • Quick total body workout in 30 min. Easy for beginners to pick up.
    - December 01, 2018 by S.N.
  • I love 9 rounds because the trainers keep me motivated, and it’s a positive, encouraging environment.
    - October 31, 2018 by Amber Holt
  • I’m amazed that on my 12th class....I have not once repeated the same exercise!!! I love that the routine is continually changing. Shelby & the crew are great at the Boiling Springs location!
    - October 24, 2018 by Jennifer Grasser
  • Love coming to 9 rounds. It is one of the best parts of my day! Trainers are great, and I feel so much stronger since i've started!
    - October 19, 2018 by Madeline Mcabee
  • The trainers are excellent!! They work with any restrictions you might have and monitor your work outs to make sure you are okay. Very personable folks and I feel like I'm getting something out of each workout .
    - October 14, 2018 by D.L.
  • Great workout in 30 minutes. Time flies because you do something different every 3 minutes. the trainers are great!! They push the veteran members and ease the new members in at their own level. Best workout ever!!
    - October 11, 2018 by J.T.
  • Great hours to work out. All the trainers are there to help motivate you to do your best!
    - October 11, 2018 by Lekesha Anderson
  • The fact that the trainers can tailor my workout to fit my needs.
    - October 10, 2018 by Byron Honbarger
  • I love that my trainer's push me to get the best workout possible while remaining cognizant of any doctor imposed activity limitations I have resulting from previous injury and surgery. I love the team at my 9Round!
    - October 06, 2018 by Tricia Thomason
  • Hard, quick workout. Love the trainers.
    - October 05, 2018 by S.C.
  • I love 9 rounds in Boiling Springs. All the staff are excellent to work with and really push you hard. It’s a fast moving workout which is perfect for me.
    - October 05, 2018 by Mandi Biershenk
  • Different workouts everyday! Trainer
    - October 04, 2018 by B.A.
  • The trainers are the best! There to help you improve every workout
    - October 04, 2018 by L.P.
  • I like the variety of workouts and it only takes 30 min.
    - September 30, 2018 by Shea Shuller
  • The trainers are AWESOME! And each and every workout is great! Love my 9Round Spartanburg!
    - September 17, 2018 by C.B.
  • Love coming to 9 rounds. Love having a trainer there to help you the entire time if you need it. I feel challenged with every workout. Staff is incredible!
    - August 31, 2018 by Sarah Mcabee
  • Super professional trainer. I enjoyed my visit to this facility.
    - August 02, 2018 by C.D.
  • Total body workout in 30 min
    - July 23, 2018 by B.H.
  • Great trainers, different workout everyday, 30 minutes and I feel like I've worked out for an hour.
    - July 20, 2018 by Brandon Mckillop
  • Great workout format. Always changing and never boring. Brain and Shelbe always push you. Jim
    - July 16, 2018 by Jim Smith
  • I love that it is a great work out in 30 minutes. The trainers are great..
    - July 12, 2018 by A.T.
  • Wonderful trainers, jumpstarted my healthy life, I never get bored!
    - July 12, 2018 by C.B.
  • A challenge with results
    - July 11, 2018 by Jimmy Hayes
  • working one on one with the trainers on the pads and them knowing me well enough to be able to tailor something to my level when needed
    - July 11, 2018 by Keela Payne
  • How personal the trainers are. They are always making sure you’re getting the most out your work out. Whether it’s one on one training or the motivation to keep going. I will forever recommend my friends and family to 9 Rounds
    - July 05, 2018 by Lekesha Anderson
  • the trainers are awesome and workouts are great
    - July 04, 2018 by J.T.
  • I get a great workout in about 30 mins. I also love the trainer aspect, to make sure you are accomplishing each rounds correctly.
    - July 03, 2018 by Beth Alva
  • Workout changes every day... always challenging. Trainers work with you and encourage you.
    - July 03, 2018 by L.P.
  • Trainer Lead and the Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
    - July 03, 2018 by J.A.D.
  • I love that the workouts change on a daily basis.
    - July 03, 2018 by M.A.
  • Love the workout, and how it's different every day.
    - May 17, 2018 by Diana Crossby-pate
  • I love 9Round! It's a great workout and I feel more fit and stronger because of going there. It's always something new and that keeps me interested and wanting to keep going back!
    - May 06, 2018 by Jeannine Smith
  • Friendly trainers and new workout all the time. Keeps me interested 7 years later
    - April 12, 2018 by Chassiti Burgess
  • It never gets redundant
    - April 11, 2018 by Tony Williams
  • Friendly & supportive trainers. Quick workout that gets results. So much Fun!!!!
    - April 11, 2018 by Valrey Whitlow
  • The trainers are great! I really like that they call me by name, it makes working out with them more personal. There I feel welcomed and motivated!
    - April 10, 2018 by Tiffany Smith
  • The fact you have a trainer the entire time to push you!
    - April 10, 2018 by M.B.
  • It different experiences every day.
    - April 07, 2018 by A.T.
  • The consistency with the trainers. The push they give. It's very encouraging.
    - April 05, 2018 by D.L.
  • That everyday is a different workout. I don’t sweat like that in the gym. I got my boyfriend to sign up because he feels so much better and alive after every workout. I love how you realize stress by punching the bags. And shot how you don’t not feel like a badass with those gloves on.
    - April 05, 2018 by Ryan Anderson
  • You have a trainer to motivate you
    - April 04, 2018 by Sonia Mcfalls

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Shelbe "Mudslinger" Lyda
    Shelbe is the Manager for 9Round Boiling Springs as well as 9Round Spartanburg Westside. Shelbe is from "where the pavement ends" Campobello, SC. She has been a member since 2010 and manager since 2015. When she isn't at the gyms she is taking care of her numerous animals, mud slinging, or living the country life. Her favorite part about 9Round is being able to push people to their personal goals.Come in today and see her for an awesome workout!

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