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5 Easy Tricks to Losing Weight

Losing weight can be so hard. It requires a lot of time and energy that most of us can't seem to find. We have to plan and make healthy meals, fight our cravings, change our habits and squeeze in some time to workout. It can feel as if you are juggling your whole life and never achieving what we set out to do. However, what if we could find some easy ways to help us get off on the right foot in our weight loss journey? Some little things that we could easily alter might just add up to give us that little boost we have been waiting for. Here is a list of just a few simple alterations that may rejuvenate your weight loss journey.



  1. Shop smart. You will not be able to grab those comfort foods if you do not buy them. Also, if you know that you prefer to grab things on the go that are easy to make or already made try to only buy healthy options such as fruits and veggies, yogurt, oatmeal or pita crackers and hummus. Anything that will not push your diet over the edge is perfect. So, next time you go to the grocery store head for the produce department and not the cookie aisle.

  2. Stay in bed. Late night is the most common time for us to cheat on our diets, so when those midnight cravings hit, refuse to get out of bed.  You will not get up and grab those cookies. You will stay in your bed and go back to sleep. This will also help you get the proper amount of sleep. By just getting seven to eight hours of sleep, you can speed up your weight loss, so stay in bed and start shedding those pounds.

  3. Drink plenty of water. If you are working out consistently, you need to stay hydrated, so water is a necessity. It is also a perfect substitute for all those calorie laden drinks like sodas, milkshakes and specialty coffees. Water has no fat and no calories and is known to boost your metabolism, so start filling up on water instead of everything else. Also, when you visit the grocery store, you could skip the soda aisle just to make sure you are not tempted.

  4. Eat More. Skipping meals is a big no no. It can slow your metabolism and have adverse effects on your weight loss, so don’t do it. Eat breakfast and then eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day all day, every day. Don’t fall victim to thinking that fit people skip meals. It’s simply not true!

  5. Relax. Our world can be hectic and stressful, which can lead to weight gain and overeating. Both of which we are trying to avoid. So, we need to find time to ourselves or time to do something we enjoy to destress. We need to set aside some time for us, and no matter how hectic it gets, we have to stick to it. Relieving this built up stress may just be the thing that gets us shedding those pounds.


These easy tricks should get you on the right track to achieving your weight loss goals, but remember to truly achieve the results that you want, you need to combine these tricks with a consistent fitness routine and a healthy, well-rounded diet.