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4 Tips to Overcome 4 Common Weight Loss Hurdles

There are many things that can upset our weight loss journeys. No one is perfect, and the unexpected loves to pop up and throw a wrench in things just when we think everything is running perfectly and nothing can stop us. It is inevitable that one day we will experience some sort of obstacle in our weight loss routine that we will have to overcome. However, we have to learn to expect these types of setbacks and deal with them appropriately in order to achieve our fitness goals. It may seem easier said than done, but there is no need to worry. By using a few of our tips, you will get past these hurdles in no time.



  1. Overeating. We have all been there before. We may have attended a party or a family get together and ended up overindulging in those tasty party treats, or maybe we woke up in the middle of the night with a need to satisfy that sweet tooth. It happens, even to the best of us. The most important thing to remember is that one slip up in your diet is not going to make much of a difference. You will not become obese because of one eating binge, so do not get too hard on yourself. You need to pick yourself up and continue on as before.

  2. Illness. We all get sick from time to time no matter how much we try to take care of our bodies. The best thing to do when we are not feeling well is to take it easy. You need to eat right and get plenty of rest to allow your body to heal and overcome this illness. Once you begin to feel better, you can attempt to ease slowly back into your fitness routine. Take your time and ensure that you truly feel up to doing your fitness routine. It is perfectly normal to feel a little off at the beginning of returning to your workout. Don't let this upset you. You will be back to working out as usual in no time.

  3. Lack of motivation. This can happen to a lot of us. We set out on our weight loss journeys with the best of intentions, but then we just sort of lose them along the way. Our fitness routines may not be getting us the results that the want or seem too boring for us to stick with, and we seem to slowly taper off without even realizing that we are putting less and less effort into our workouts. This is where you may need to seek the help of others to keep you going or dig down deep inside of yourself. Each of us are different. If you want outside help, you can try working out with a friend, joining an online fitness community or hiring a personal trainer. If you prefer to do it alone, then you could keep a fitness journal to help hold yourself accountable, but you have to write down everything for it to be effective. You can also write down your goals and put up pictures of how you want to look or feel. It is up to you to decide on what method will work best for you.

  4. Injuries. Sometimes, accidents happen, and of course, they are always unexpected. An injury might not have been caused by your fitness routine, but it still affects your workouts! This can leave us feeling down and helpless, which can have a major effect on our motivation. However, depending on your injury there may still be some types of exercises that you can still do. Your best option during this time is to ask your doctor which exercises you can safely perform and which ones will help you overcome your injury faster. You could also benefit by hiring a personal trainer to oversee your workouts to make sure that you do not overdo it. Just as with an illness, you will have to gradually ease back into your fitness routine. While you are recovering, the most important thing you can do is to really tighten up on your right eating habits at every single meal! The rule is: sometimes you can’t workout, but you can still eat right! This is guaranteed to keep your fitness goals from spiraling downward due to an injury.


There are many obstacles we will have to overcome on our weight loss journey, and it is these times that will define if we will give up or finish our journey. It is up to us to remember why we started this journey in the first place and allow these reasons to push us past the finish line.