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7132 Cincinnati Dayton Rd Unit #800
West Chester, Ohio 45069


  • The trainers at 9Round are the best! They encourage and push me to do my best. I am getting stronger with each visit!
    - Nov 17, 2018 by Shannon Berry
  • It's so easy to fit into my schedule. It's only 30 minutes but it feels like an hours worth of exercise. There's always a trainer there to show you what to do. And it's the best thing I've done for my health. It's a great stress and aggression release.
    - Nov 17, 2018 by Jenny Wendth
  • I love the trainers and trainees, the workouts are different and challenging every day, and I love the support from everyone in the gym and I love that I can come in and start at any time. Great flexibility!
    - Nov 9, 2018 by Joanne Major
  • I love that there's no class time so I can come in on my schedule. I also really appreciate the trainers. I have a shoulder injury and they do such a great job paying attention to that and making the necessary modifications. Overall it's just a great place!
    - Nov 6, 2018 by Jennifer Haller
  • Great workout with wonderful trainers. I burn, on average, 600 calories in a 30 minute workout which encompasses a variety of techniques. Great place, great model!
    - Oct 24, 2018 by Mark Adams
  • I love that the workout changes daily.
    - Oct 24, 2018 by Jason Phillabaum
  • 9 round is a full body workout that changes everyday! I don't ever get bored and all the trainers are so motivating.
    - Oct 18, 2018 by K.O.
  • Flexible time, quick work out, always changes
    - Oct 12, 2018 by N.S.
  • I enjoy the atmosphere and the willingness to modify for me yet try pushing me a little further!
    - Oct 11, 2018 by Angela Haney
  • The secret sauce is the combination of: No class times (and I can come as much and stay as long as I need to) Always available trainers (knowledgeable and motivating) Results!
    - Oct 10, 2018 by Tim Sweeten
  • I love 9round!
    - Oct 8, 2018 by R.B.
  • A good well rounded workout session customized for my needs.
    - Oct 5, 2018 by N.U.
  • No class times
    - Sep 28, 2018 by Shannon Williams
  • Workouts are never the same and there are no set class times so it’s very convenient for me.
    - Sep 15, 2018 by Nicholas French
  • I like that the trainer is included to push me to do more. The flexibility of no class times and that it sets the tone for the rest of my day.
    - Aug 17, 2018 by J.B.
  • The friendly and helpful trainers and different exercises every day on every station
    - Aug 10, 2018 by J.M.
  • The whole premise and model
    - Jul 25, 2018 by J.F.
  • Trainers and short workout
    - Jul 12, 2018 by Troy Shutler
  • The amount of attention each staff gives their members
    - Jul 12, 2018 by A.C.
  • I love that it is a different workout everyday. The trainers are fun and knowledgeable and push you just the right amount.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by Valerie Fuller
  • 9round (West Chester) has been very pleasant experience. The owners and trainers are very involved and think of fun ways of get the best/fun work out within the 30 minutes. It's always a challenging experience everyday with a different set of movements, that you can always punch things out after a hard day of work.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by C.M.
  • Workout changes every day. No class times so I can workout on my schedule. Routines work all muscle groups. The wonderful attention from trainers. The friendly environment.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by Peggie Ursini
  • The trainers that are on staff currently are very attentive to everyone’s needs!
    - Jul 4, 2018 by J.A.
  • Love the people there! Trainers are fantastic and really encouraging.
    - Jul 4, 2018 by Tim Sweeten
  • I love that each day is a new workout, does not get boring or repetitive!
    - Jul 3, 2018 by Stephanie Miller
  • All the trainers are awesome!!!! They motivate you without being pushy .
    - Jun 27, 2018 by Shannon Williams
  • I like how there’s no set class time along with doing different exercises for each class. All the trainers are very helpful and encouraging as well.
    - Jun 13, 2018 by N.F.
  • I like that the trainer's are included to push me to do more, when I want to just give up during each round.
    - May 16, 2018 by J.B.
  • I like the whole experience from the no class times so I can go whenever I want, to the supportive and encouraging trainers. I've never been into the more traditional types of workouts like spinning, Zumba, or other types of classes. I've always enjoyed kickboxing and the 9Round concept is perfect for me.
    - May 5, 2018 by Jennifer Haller
  • A quick but great workout that's always changing. I also really like getting my aggression out. It helps my stress level immensely.
    - Apr 28, 2018 by Jenny Wendth
  • My favorite part of 9Round were the trainers and no class times! Everyone was super friendly and fun. Wish i didn’t move so far away from the 9Round i fell in love working out in.
    - Apr 23, 2018 by Emma Beyer
  • The trainers! Cleanliness
    - Apr 23, 2018 by L.P.
  • Friendly. Professional. Clean
    - Apr 18, 2018 by K.T.
  • The staff and the different workouts every day. The whole concept is fantastic. Recommend it to everyone who will listen and some that don’t. :-) Really love the staff at our 9Round too - they’re all wonderful.
    - Apr 14, 2018 by John Ferrigan
  • It is a challenging workout that is easy to complete. I always add more, but I never feel like I can’t make it or don’t have time. It’s a very efficient use of my gym time!
    - Apr 14, 2018 by Ellie Scheeler
  • I can start right awsy not having to wait for classes and that it only takes 30min for a really good workout also the attention you get from trainer helping and encouraging you
    - Apr 12, 2018 by D.M.
  • Our owners and trainers are very friendly and encouraging. It feels like a family. I also like how the trainers will adjust the exercises for me and others based on our specific body challenges.
    - Apr 9, 2018 by L.M.
  • Motivation and one on one approach from the trainers
    - Apr 9, 2018 by Clarissa Doggett
  • 9Round is perfect for the busy mom with a crazy schedule. It’s tough sometimes to be on time. At 9R there aren’t class times. It’s a 30 minutes full body workout. It’s awesome.
    - Apr 8, 2018 by Christie Kresky
  • I enjoy the 30 minute workout, easy to fit in to my schedule. The trainers push and encourage you the whole way
    - Apr 8, 2018 by E.C.
  • It is a very friendly place no matter what level Of exercise you are at!! The staff welcomes EVERYONE!!!!! And the work with every obstacle that they may be faced with!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
    - Apr 7, 2018 by Angela Haney
  • In n out with coaches to plan your workout.
    - Apr 7, 2018 by B.B.
  • Great concise full body workout!
    - Apr 7, 2018 by Michelle Bowman
  • The trainers are phenomenal! They work you hard and keep you motivated making sure you use proper form to ensure the safest and best workout. Love them and 9Rounds!!!!
    - Apr 6, 2018 by Joanne Major
  • It’s a different workout everyday so you never get bored. The trainers are a lot of fun and very helpful. Punching and kicking is a great way to relieve stress!
    - Apr 5, 2018 by V.F.
  • I love how personal all the staff are with you during your workout. Even if there are 8 people going at once they come to you asking how your doing, if you need modifications (which I normally do,and I love that they are willing to accommodate me), correct your formif need be, or even just say good job! They are great motivators during my workout, and help me reach my optimum work level. Plus they can see that you get better as you progress ,and are happy to tell you they see your progression. I love coming to this gym every day (and I’m not a gym person AT ALL), but ever since starting 9round and I am proud to say I’ve become a gym person. Thank you to all the staff for pushing me to become a healthier me and have shown me that gym life can be great with the right people:)
    - Apr 5, 2018 by Taylor King
  • The best thing about the 9 round experience is the workout is different everyday. I don't have to worry about being bored with the same routines.
    - Apr 5, 2018 by A.S.
  • All the trainers are very helpful and motivating. It's a great all over body workout in just 30 mins.
    - Apr 5, 2018 by K.O.
  • It's always different and they challenge me without hurting me. I love Elaina shes an awesome motivator!!
    - Apr 5, 2018 by G.A.
  • It's easy to get started, the trainers are great, and it's easy to fit it into my schedule.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by J.T.

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Jason "Baumer" Phillabaum
    Jason "Baumer" Phillabaum is a Certified Trainer and co-owner of 9Round West Chester. Baumer's always says "NEVER, EVER GIVE UP." Jason loves to train with his 3 children, Jack (B2), Alyssa (Ahsoka), Sophia (Green).
  • 9Round trainer
    Christie "Dr. CK" Kresky
    Christie "Dr. CK" Kresky is a Certified Trainer and co-owner. Dr. CK is a special education teacher and exemplifies the mentality, "It's hard to beat a person that never gives up." Dr. CK is also a 2x kickboxing champion.
  • 9Round trainer
    Elaina "Spidey" Lawhorn
    Elaina "Spidey" Lawhorn is a high-energy trainer that will greet you at the door and not leave your side until you ring that bell of accomplishment. Spidey is married to a Marine-Veteran.
  • 9Round trainer
    Ethan "Po" Clark
    Ethan "Po" Clark is a rough and tough teacher by day. He's a martial arts expert and loves to train 9Round members at night.
  • 9Round trainer
    Amber "Xoom" Parker
    Amber "Xoom" Parker is an entrepreneur looking to light up the world. Xoom (pronounced Zoom) has a passion to encourage others to rise up and be empowered. As a single mother of two, she is ready for any challenge!