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Join the Madness - Boxing Style

Cheryl & Jason Phillabaum

With March Madness around the corner, 9Round West Chester will have a MyZone MEP bracket challenge. Only the Blue, Green, Yellow, & Red challenges count.


Week 1 (3/16-3/21)
Opening week: Every Member is included.


Week 2 (3/23-3-28)
Sweet 16: Only the Top 16 MEP Earners from Week 1 compete.


Week 3 (3/30-4/4)
Elite 8: Only the Top 8 MEP Earners from Week 2 compete.


Week 4 (4/9-4/11)
Final 4: Only the Top 4 MEP Earners from Week 3 compete.
The Highest MEP Earner from Week 4 wins!


A prize will be given to the Champion!