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9Round Fitness Gym - Kickboxing Classes in Columbia, SC

Kickboxing Sessions Start Every 3 Minutes in Columbia, SC - Columbiana Dr.

Looking for kickboxing classes in Columbia, SC? Stop! 9Round takes circuit training and kickboxing-inspired workouts to the next level. We are located behind the mall in the 5-Guys shopping center and are one of the most exciting and high-energy fitness centers in Columbia, SC. Our fitness program is a 30 minute total body workout. Our workouts, which are a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training, will help you reach your fitness goals fast. Our circuit training method will take you through 9 different stations, with a certified 9Round Specialist during each challenging session. The workouts at 9Round change daily, keeping things interesting and our members motivated. So why settle for old-school kickboxing classes in Columbia, SC when you can transform your body with our innovative kickboxing workouts? When you come to 9Round, no matter your age or skill level, we will customize the workout for YOU.