9ROUND Lake Merritt has a new owner!

Dear 9ROUND Lake Merritt Family:

I want to personally say HELLO and thank you for the warm welcome!

My name is Tara-Nicholle Kirke, and I’m the new owner of 9ROUND Lake Merritt. (That's me in the black shirt, in the center of the photo!)

I’m honored to be joining you on your fitness journey, whether you’re a lifer or you’re just thinking about how to get back in the game after the holidays. 

You and I both know that 9ROUND isn’t “just a gym”. It’s a place where you come to build your strength and power, spark some inner energy and get a little nudge to be a little bit healthier, happier and more alive than you were the day before. 

I grew up seeing how much grace and goodness can come out of a neighborhood fitness studio like 9ROUND Lake Merritt.

My parents owned a gym when I was a kid. And I put myself through law school at UC Berkeley by working as a personal trainer. 

After graduation, I worked as a lawyer for a couple of years before pivoting into a successful career in wellness technology where I was the Chief Marketing Officer at MyFitnessPal and ran marketing for Under Armour’s digital fitness for a while, too.

Now, I’m an author, Master Life and Business Coach and the CEO of a personal development company called SoulTour. I’m also the mother of 3 kids aged 4, 28 and 30… and one 14-year-old pug.

I’ve been working out consistently since 1997, and I thank fitness for helping me sidestep the so-called “normal” mid-life health issues and allowing my life to just keep getting better as the years go by.

So I’ve seen first-hand how physical health can be the linchpin for mental, emotional and spiritual health.

I’ve seen how the right kind of training, consistency and support in one area of your life can kickstart a snowball effect of wellbeing in every area of your life. 

And I know firsthand that physical wellbeing is the foundation for every dream you’ll ever do in this life.

That’s why 9ROUND Lake Merritt is more than a gym.

It’s a whole vibe, and a whole journey. 

  • It’s 30 minutes of sacred space for the “me-time” we all need right now. 
  • It is one of the single most effective, whole-body workouts you can get in thirty minutes. 
  • It’s professional support from the 9ROUND Lake Merritt trainers who love fitness, love changing lives, love boxing and love the people we get to serve, 
  • It’s a community of other Oaklanders who are active and engaged in their health and their lives. 

So, thanks for letting me join you on this journey.

If you have feedback or just want to say hi, email me at taranicholle.kirke@9Round.com.

And because wellness is a mind-body-spirit thing, I’d love you to join my free inspirational newsletter. 

It’s called Transformation Tuesday, and you can sign up here: https://soultour.com/signup.

Here’s to your happiness, success and abundance in 2022. See you in the studio! 

Tara-Nicholle “Powerhouse” Kirke 

The Proud New Owner of 9Round Lake Merritt

And P.S.: We are now a Black-owned, woman-owned AND locally-owned business!